I would love an Expansion of Colonization DLC

stellaris 5 - I would love an Expansion of Colonization DLC

So i've been thinking.

Humanity itself is planning on Colonizing Mars at some point in this century.

Yet in-game, we have to wait till the Terraforming Tech gets researched and unlocked. And that can take a long time.

I would love a DLC that expands on colonization, specifically of Barren/Frozen/Toxic Planets, Asteroids, Moond and even Gas Giants.

Nothing would promote building tall more than this. And would make a Human playthrough very interesting.

As a bonus, Mars and maybe the Moon would get a free pre-Terraform colony for you to check out how this works.

My idea on how it works would be like this.

Terraforming of Barren planets is very expensive and takes a really long time to set up.

Once the Barren Planet colony is set up, you are locked to only getting 5 Pop Max (10 Pop for an additional building via research and maybe another 5 Pop via tradition) the only way you can increase the building slots afterwards is by terraforming the planet.

The Colony has no growth whatsoever. The only way you can get more Pops is by promoting migration or manually relocating Pops into it.

You can only build 1 of each District (except Food, obviously).

Energy Upkeep is much higher as well but if you already have a Mining Station orbiting the Barren Planet, you get a Boost to production.

Once you colonize the Barren Planet, The Terraform Button gets more features.

By using the Terraform Button on Barren/Frozen/Toxic/Molten Planets instead of terraforming the planet you instead Set the Conditions. Basically you have to terraform the planet twice.


First to set the conditions and everything ready, since this Terraforming is going to take much longer than an usual Terraforming of an already habitable planet.

This is where Research Stations help out as if a Research Station is orbiting the planet, it will boost the Setting of Conditions for Terraforming.

Once the Conditions are Set. The Terraforming Button is properly unlocked and now you can Terraform the Barren Planet like usual.

Of course since youre terraforming a Barren Planet, it will probably take double the amount of time to research.

As for Gas Giants and Asteroids. While you can't Terraform them into living planets. Once you unlock the Habitat Technology. You Basically get the option to upgrade the colony into a Habitat (since i believe Colonies on Gas Giants and Asteroids, would be more like Colony Stations. So eventually upgrading into Habitats seems a very natural progression)

Regarding Asteroids. Very late into the game, perhaps you could get a Technology that allows you to actually turn Asteroids into Planets, maybe using the ultra rare materials, to actually make it possible. But this would mean a Free planet on your system, at the cost of losing an entire Asteroid Belt since it collected all the Asteroids + ultra rare materials to form a new planet.

I would really love a feature like this. Would make things really interesting.

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