Idea: Ascension Civics

stellaris 5 - Idea: Ascension Civics

There's this cool even where, if you don't have an Imperial government when you get a Chosen One, you can enshrine them as god-emperor, and your civics and whatnot shift for free. This got me to thinking though: there should be civics related to ascension perks. In particular, Psionics has some really neat possibilities with different authorities.

A democracy associated civic, where the leader is able to consult the collective consensus through their psychic link was the big one that jumped out at me, bordering, but not quite being, a hive mind. But PsiCops as a civic for Oligarchies and Dictatorships, psychic secret police, is an idea. We already have PsiCorps, why not go all the way?


But of course, you can't leave out the other ascension paths. The collective consensus of cyborgs and linked up synthetics is also possible, though that particular one doesn't really seem to fit for bio-ascension. On the other hand, bio-ascension does allow for the kind of body modding that one sees in, say, Culture books. Authoritarians can use it to specialize workers, sure, but Egalitarians can use it to empower individual freedom. Perhaps a civic along those lines that increases faction happiness by, say, 5% across the board, as each faction is able to be closer to their ideal?

It's far from a completely fleshed out idea, but it'd add a lot more to the flavor of empires if they could further specialize with an ascension civic. Really integrate the ascension into how the society functions as a whole.


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