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stellaris 5 - Idea: Dynamic ship classification system

I recently posted this idea to the Paradox subforum. I wanted to see how popular/unpopular this idea is in this subreddit. Any feedback/addition is welcome!

Link to the original Paradox forum thread:
suggestion dynamic ship classification system - Idea: Dynamic ship classification system

In real life, there are many different types of warship (see USN hull classification for more information). For example:

  • A cruiser can have subtypes such as light cruiser (CL), heavy cruiser (CA), battlecruiser (CC/CB), or the contemporary guided-missile cruiser (CG).
  • Subtypes of destroyers include destroyer (DD), destroyer escort (DE), guided-missile destroyer (DDG), etc.
  • Carriers are divided into fleet carrier (CV), light carrier (CVL), carrier escort (CVE), etc.

In other science fiction franchises, there are also many types of ships as well (See this for some examples).

But in Stellaris, we only have access to four basic hull type: corvette, destroyer, cruiser, and battleship (not counting larger hulls like Titans or Colossi). For the most part, this works fine, but there are cases when it runs into problems. If you want to design a carrier, the closest in-game equivalent is to take a battleship hull and apply the carrier/hangar sections into it. But the resulting ship is not named "X-class Carrier", it keeps the name "X-class Battleship" in the ship designer, even though the design is not that of a battleship. Same goes with a light carrier – it is still named "Y-class Cruiser". This can be a bit immersion-breaking.

Therefore, I propose a dynamic ship classification system like the ship designer in Hearts of Iron IV. First, the current hulls should be renamed from "corvette", "destroyer", "cruiser", and "battleship" to something along the line of "light", "medium", "heavy", etc to make it more vague. Second, the actual classification will be determined by the hull sections and the components you put into the design. For instance:

  • If you design a cruiser with L-sized slots, it is called "heavy cruiser".
  • If a cruiser design only has M- and S-sized slots, it is called "light cruiser".
  • If a cruiser design only has H-slots, it is classified as "light carrier" or "escort carrier".
  • If a battleship is designed without X-sized slots, it is called "battlecruiser".
  • If a battleship is designed with only H-slot for hangars, it is classified as "fleet carrier".
  • If a Titan is designed with H-slots, it is renamed to "supercarrier".
  • etc.

Some images:

Light cruiser

Heavy cruiser

Light carrier



Fleet carrier

This hull classification system will diversify the navy in terms of flavour and immersion, while not adding new types of hull for more complications. It is merely a cosmetic change, and does not affect game balance.

This is a small thing, and I understand that there are much more important things the dev team should be concerned about. But something like this can be implemented in later updates or maybe in Stellaris 2. What are your thoughts?

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