Idea for a new psuedo endgame event. Psychic Mobile Hivemind and “Consume”

stellaris 6 - Idea for a new psuedo endgame event. Psychic Mobile Hivemind and "Consume"

Title could changed obviously.


Anyway, I got the idea from Rick & Morty (yea, I know). A hivemind emerges somewhere in the galaxy, and is too young to take over anything more than a ship. So, it most be bonded to a willing host. After some time, it gains psychic strength and can extend its reach to a wider area, where it eventually becomes the entire race. If it affects the player race, the race is still viable but there is an abundance of positive and negative effects.

After about 30 – 50 years, It gains enough strength to reach out and psychicly attack nearby races and begin converting them. Agents within the planet can secretly send you resources or tech. Maybe even a ship or two. After some time, you can enact an edict where you may try your hand at absorbing the entire race. If you succeed, you gain all there pops and ships without war. If you fail, they and their allies will attack.

Eventually you can choose to either strike out at the galaxy at large or try and purge the entity from your people. Either way, the endgame crisis begins. If you strike at the galaxy, depending on a number of factors, you either succeed with the click of the mouse, or you fail and they come for you. If you try and purge, its agents across space will begin accelerating their infestation of the host races to turn against you.


If you've played Homeworld Cataclysm, you know this threat.


A biological entity has been discovered on a derelict ship floating through space. Your research team assures you it's harmless. They board, become infected, and the ship fires a nanite/virus canon at your research ship and infects it. You assume it's been destroyed and move on.

A few months later, you catch wind of a rumor of a "ghost fleet" that sneaks into occupied space, attacks ships with a mysterious "red beam" and then leaves with them. You assume they're pirates and ignore it.

Later, the fleet grows to a formidable size. The Galaxy is made aware. The mothership and a vast fleet go into hiding, while raiding fleets pillage the galaxy. No mater how big your fleet is, you will lose half to the pillage fleet. The only ones not attacked are Ascendancy's, Advanced Machine empires, and primitives.

After the game detects that so many fleets across so many empires have been lost, you are prompted with the ability to equip experimental tech to an experimental ship and try and take one down so you can study it.

You succeed, and develop tech to render your fleets immune.

At this point, you have a choice: Share your knowledge and help the galaxy at large, or keep it secret, and let everyone suffer. Either way, The fight will be up to you.

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