Idea for a truly endgame crisis

stellaris 5 - Idea for a truly endgame crisis

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about having nothing to do after the crisis happen, and I feel that sentiment as well. Unless you’re playing on max difficulty you can snowball the different crisis pretty hard and it just takes different amounts of time and tedium to overcome them.

So what if there was a crisis you couldn’t beat? What I’m suggesting is a crisis that continually gets stronger until it swamps everyone. Why would this be fun? It creates an environment where no matter how much resources you have and how big your fleet is you still have to form a strategy for dealing with it while you still can.

But you can’t beat it! What point is there? Well this is the catch, it would be coupled with an event chain and megastructure for escaping the galaxy. You would have to research several technologies and finally build a megastructure that allows a significant portion of your empires population to escape the galaxy and colonize a new one, potentially setting up a scenario in which a new game in a new galaxy could be started as a fallen empire.


You would lose the game if your empire gets destroyed before you could launch the ark megastructure, and win obviously should you manage to launch it.

It could be as simple as that or as complex as having the other empires in the game with the crisis building colony ships that you have to escort to your ark megastructure, the more you get to the megastructure the quicker you win, or maybe increase your endgame score. An even harder way to play would be to have the megastructure as an skeletal frame, and components take the form of ships that also need to be escorted to it. The ship could be launched immediately with a low chance of success or you could wait and launch it later with more components for a high chance of success.

TL:DR An endgame crisis that can’t be beaten but can be escaped for a game victory

A side note would be that while I feel this is an interesting idea, the endgame badly needs optimization because currently even the mid game stalls out pretty hard.

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