Idea for new midgame crisis – Pan-Galactic International Revolution

stellaris 4 - Idea for new midgame crisis - Pan-Galactic  International Revolution

Link to forum where I initially posted this But wanted to put it here too.

So I was screwing around with the console commands trying to work something out and observed this with the "factions.showallfactions" command:
The game (unsuprisingly, in hindsight) has a command to track all factions and their representation in each country.

This gave me an idea for a mid-game event (an alternative to the Khan – or even something that could happen concurrently, for extra chaos):

  1. The game could track each ethic, galaxy-wide (as each ethic is aligned with a faction)
  2. And when any one ethic grows too large in its support, relative to the support for other ones by the galaxy's non-gestalt pops (with the possible exception of xenophobia, as that is a species-by-species issue)
    • E.g. if there are 1000 pops in the galaxy and the threshold is set to 25%, when 250 pops – anywhere in the galaxy – support a materialist faction, there will be an X% chance every 6m after midgame till the endgame to fire the "birth of the materialist international – founded on rationality and technological advancement".
  3. After the mid-game date, it could spawn a new organisation that will push to impose that ethic on all other non-gestalt/non-primitive pops in the galaxy
    • This could be by force (e.g. spawning "egalitarian fleets" and armies from pops deserting their own militaries / Corporate PMCs)
      • i.e. something the player/AI can go and kill
    • or by "peaceful" means (workers/specialist strikes, scientists sabotaging research, assassination of leader pops, terrorist actions, fleet sabotage, slave revolts etc)
    • The exact method used would vary with which of the 7 ethics has formed a pan-galactic faction
      • for example, you wouldn't see many roving fleets if pacifists rise up lol, but you may see protests and strikes by pacifist pops and a higher conversion to pacifism by pops during a "pacifist crisis" and they'd attempt to secede and form their own pacifist "international".
  4. Eventually, after some time, this faction is able to secure some land somewhere in the galaxy – either through revolt, uprising, or conquest by (say egalitarian or militarist) forces using scrounged together ships.
  5. And after a little more time a leader could emerge – a "Speaker" for this "<Ethicname> international" faction.
  6. From here more pops of that ethic from other nations in the galaxy could flock to international space, rapidly growing their numbers and encouraging to attack or coerce other systems into joining them
    • each ethic could have its own flavour here too, spiritualist internationals could call a crusade to purge the galaxy of sin, targeting machine-heavy empires first, etc.
  7. Killing the speaker could – much like the khan –
    • kill the movement in its tracks, splintering it into several different "heirs" to the international's ruler title,
    • or there may be a chance it persists and after a period of internal purges and disarray this faction will emerge with a new "speaker"
      • (possibly also flipping its ethics in the process – e.g. an egalitarian international, could flip to an authoritarian international – this could apply to any ethic pair except the xenophile-xenophobe axis i guess… unless a large number of pops in international territory are of one species in which case you might have facists emerging…).

  • If you are of the same ethics as the current international, you could send envoys to improve relations with them or lend them support to make them ignore your empire to a degree.
  • Many megacorps might bias the ethics to make egalitarian internationals more likely to spawn
    • and having shared burdens or being fan-egal could give you extra interactions with the international, perhaps letting you absorb it's successors peacefully once it splinters – making it in your interest to support similar ethic-uprisings.
  • If you're an imperial government, you could send your heir off to treat with an authoritarian international, or its successors/splinters, possibly making them a petty king in the process – if this happens, your heir could come back to you and offer themselves up as a vassal (granting you free unification when they ascend on your current ruler's death).
  • Other ethics could have their own flavours of this interaction – spiritualists could send Gurus to the Spiritualist international to spread their teachings, if successful some international systems might break away to join you as the "one true faith".

If you haven't guessed by now, much of my inspiration for this – outside of that initial console command – is from the ideas of some pro-communists in the 20th century with their internationals and world revolution.


I think this might be a good alternative mini-crisis as it could come in 7 flavours (each ethic minus xenophobe) with a fair bit of variation to it, and it offers a way to actually weaken other empires (via stealing pops) without direct invasion & shake up empire borders which tend to stagnate around the mid-game.

Further, based on that console command, it doesn't seem like something that is technically impossible for the engine. Much of this would need to be driven by conditional events, without more robust revolution mechanics, I guess.

This would also make ethics attraction and managing your own factions more important (right now you can outright ignore them), but if there was a materialist uprising – and you are not materialist – you'd want to suppress that faction to keep it's negative effects under control in your empire.

What do you think?

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