Idea: Machine Empires- Cores Implemented

stellaris 4 - Idea: Machine Empires- Cores Implemented

I just posted this on Paradox Interactive Forums. What are your thoughts on this idea?

Each Machine Empire is run by the Core and the Core controls the network of robots all over the Empire. However, currently, the concept of the Core is abstract and not tangible.


Each Machine Empire starts with a special building deemed the "Core". The initial Core controls all systems and units within the Empire. The more systems and units under the control of one Core, the upkeep of the Core building goes up. As the Empire inhabits more systems and builds new fleets, the Empire can create copies of the Core that can be placed on other planets. These new Cores can then control more systems and units. Of course, you can deem how many systems and units each Core controls.

The more Cores overall within the empire also adds the risk of errors, as each Core tries to be as in sync with other Cores as possible. Errors also come at a cost of a subtle upkeep and if errors reach a certain threshold, a Core and the systems under it's control (including the fleets and armies under that particular Core) can split off, forming a new Machine Empire.

If the enemy captures a planet with a copy of the Core, the enemy now controls the systems and units under that particular Core's control. (The Machine Empire could try to transfer all the systems and fleets under other existing Cores, but the sudden increase of responsibility will mean that the upkeep cost and error risks of those Cores go up instantly).


(For further clarification, Scientists and such, Fleets, Armies, and Starbases are under control by a Core. Upkeep goes up when you add more units and systems under a Core's control. When a Core is captured, all those units and systems transfer to the enemy).


– This adds loads of realism into the game and also reduces some of the abstractness.

– It increases the roleplaying capabilities of Machine Empires. They essentially become decentralized, but the player can choose to have one Core run the whole Empire, at the cost of an ever increasing upkeep cost, but no risk of errors.

– This adds reasonable responsibility to the Machine Empires, reducing their "easiness" and making them more accountable.

– Now Machine Empires have blatant, but realistic weakness that could be exploited by other empires. These "Core worlds" will be a prime target, that can be offset by military bonuses on Core worlds for the Machine Empire.

– I think it could be a better version of Empire Sprawl that's tangible and evolving, that would apply to Machine Empires.

Of course there are numerous details to fill in, but in principle, I think it could work out well.

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