Idea: New fallen empire type “Dormant Hive”

stellaris 5 - Idea: New fallen empire type "Dormant Hive"


Hivemind FE is very similar to machine FE and story related FE. hivemind FE was neutralized in ancient times and currently dormant status. Hivemind FE is not diplomatic and does not give any specific missions.

Hivemind FE occupy several systems and four habitable planets. The main planet "Heart" is a fully developed 25 Hiveworld, while other three colonies (which named "first, second, third node") are common habitable planet with little development. Four planets have powerful planetary modifiers/ features but only "Heart" have powerful fallen empire buildings. There is only menial drones in entire empire and complex drones jobs are blocked in "Heart", which describes FE is not doing any mental activities

There are only basic defense on three colonies and nothing in occupied systems (not a basic star bases). Hivemind FE's border is open and has zero fleet power. In addition, FE starts war at 100% war exhaustion so it is easy to set status quo and end the war. So other empires will be aggressive to FE and try to take its systems and planets. However, main systems are protected by "automated immune system", which fleet size is same as other FE fleets. Like space pirates, "automated immune system" is hostile to everyone but unable to cross the system (NO FTL installed).

Background story:

Hivemind FE was threat to the entire galaxy in ancient times, but after the endless war, some ancient empires succeeded in disabling its neural nodes but failed to attack main systems and crumbled. It is described by special blocker "Ancient fixtures." "Ancient fixtures" are exist in three colonies and cuts 75% of the planet's total output and growth of Hive Mind Pops. It can only be removed by several special projects.



If the following conditions are met, FE may semi-awakened:

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– FE continues to be attacked

– Other empires fleets stay in main systems for more than two months

– More than half of the "automated immune system" is destroyed

– Two "Ancient fixtures" blockers removed

Semi-awakened empire become more active. "automated immune system" become FE's fleet and able to FTL. FE attacks invasive fleets and tries to restore its node colonies. If FE occupies three nodes, it removes "Ancient fixtures" first.

If three "Ancient fixtures" are removed, FE become fully-awakened no matter it occupies three nodes or not. the three "node planets" are instantly terraformed into the hiveworlds (which were deactivated by fixtures) and every pops on the planet are processed. this "Fierce Swarm" is AE version of Devouring Swarm and very hostile to everyone. but it tries to take node planets first.

Special Event:

Hivemind FE is deeply related to the Prethoryn Scourge, like machine FE is related to Contingency. Scourge and hivemind FE have powerful Psionic gestalt consciousness and notices each other. so that if hivemind FE exist in galaxy, weights of Scourge increases. Scourge tries to attack hivemind FE first, while hivemind FE fully awakes instantaneously when Scourge vanguard fleets arrived.

Like extradimensional Invaders, they have a trend to fight each other first but still hostile to entire galaxies

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