Idea to make slavery more interesting: Shitty, Dangerous jobs.

stellaris 2 - Idea to make slavery more interesting: Shitty, Dangerous jobs.

Slavery in Stellaris is pretty similar to citizenship except that slaves are less productive, unhappier and less costly. As such besides min-maxy economic benefits a economy run with enslaved pops doesn't feel that different than one run with citizens. They both do the same things roughly as well and there's no reason to do one over the other besides roleplay.

I propose that a new class of dangerous jobs be created to give slavery and roboslavery a niche that citizens cannot fill. A danger job is one like coal mining, gladiator work, or plantation farming where the environment or the conditions kill its workers necessitating the import or creation of more labor.

How this would work in game.

  • A worker working a dangerous job has a very small chance of dying every month. Therefore a planet with a decent amount of worked dangerous jobs will have a fairly consistent deathrate per year.
  • Some strategic resources are changed from being only obtained from mining stations to dangerous planetary jobs or normal refining.
  • Buildings which add dangerous jobs should create 6+ jobs which prioritize the lowest social group(slaves or robots) or a preferred species. Slavery should be relatively labor intensive.
  • Planetary auto resettlement settings for when slaves die.

The effects of these changes would be that slaving and robot centric empires would have a significant comparative advantage producing certain strategic goods leading to increased specialization among empires.


Candidate resources and new buildings for dangerous jobs

  • Gas- Obtained by refining, dangerous work or trading with the space Saudis.
  • Motes- Same as gas. Increase mote costs across the board since they don't have any important resource sinks.
  • Zro- Obtained through mining stations or harvesting large amounts of lives. Slave harvesting banned for egalitarians and pacifists.
  • Arena- Creates amenities and unity.
  • Generic agricultural district- Only kills slave pops at a low rate. Robots and citizens not affected.
  • Generic mining districts- Has a very low chance of killing a pop. Robots and citizens included.
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