Ideas for Better Hive Mind Civics and Origins

stellaris 3 - Ideas for Better Hive Mind Civics and Origins

Hey all. A recent post about more interesting Hive Mind civics got me thinking. Here's some of my suggestions. To be fair, some of the origins are a bit too complex, but let me know what you think.

Life Manipulator – Even before going to stars you obsessed with the mechanics of life. You experimented extensively on your drones, unlocking the secrets of their genetic code. You even went so far as to create specialized drones. You have +1 trait point to spend on species creation.

You automatically start with Gene Tailoring and several pops of a subspecies with traits you choose. The portrait must be of the same type (mammalian, avian, etc).
Cannot be removed after the start of the game.

Single-cell Empathy – As you have evolved, you were conscious even on a cellular level. You still remember what it was like to be fractured before you coalesced. These mono-minds are like you were, but on a greater order of magnitude. Given time, they may join you; let them leave the worlds you claim in peace.

Non hive mind, non machine pops are displaced instead of purged. Cannot purge same pops. +50 to relations with normal empires. Cannot be combined with Devouring Swarm

Voidswarm – Your war philosophy is to produce as many ships and fighters as possible, at whatever cost. Your ships shall cover the sky above the worlds they orbit.

Hangers have +1 fighter and fleets have +10 capacity, but -10% hull points.

Billions of Eyes – You’ve learned to make use of your drone’s ability to make mass-observations. You see EVERYTHING in sharp focus. Deviant drones are caught immediately, targeting is instinctual, and even the slightest interstellar motion is noticed.

Sensor Range is increased by +1. Weapon Range increased by 10%. Deviancy is reduced by 20%.

Animal Husbandry – You’ve learned to work in harmony with biospheres of the planets you inhabit. Useful beasts of burden have a special place in your colonies; as muscle, as food, and as companions. They don’t fully understand, but they don’t need to.

Farmers also produce +1 Unity and +1 Food, -10% increased build cost and construction time for planetary buildings and districts.

Voidlife Evolution – In humbler times, you were a colony of parasitic gut-life. Eventually, you were the one in control and learned to cross the void, however slowly. Planets, with their intriguing variety of life and resources, forced you to adapt new forms to exploit them.


Choose either Space Whales or Amoebas along with your “main” race. Ships cannot be designed and you can only build unique organic ships from Orbital Gestation Cells and only in systems with a special gas-giant modifier (like Ancient Voidlife Breeding Grounds). Ships cost 75% less alloys, but double the amount of Food instead. While the Corvette, Destroyer, and Cruiser forms are somewhat less powerful in the long term, the Battleship and Titan forms are quite strong. Organic ships are slow, don’t have shields, but have thick armor and regenerate quickly. All Voidlife ships can colonize planets and have at least one basic army on board, depending on habitability. Your pops automatically have the Slow Breeders trait.
Cannot be combined with Devouring Swarm
Cannot be removed after the start of the game.

Mutating Infestation – Long ago, you were little more than a colony of bacteria slowly contemplating your limited world and fighting off viral infections. Eventually, the mechanics of infection were at your command. As you expanded throughout the entire biosphere of your world on a microscopic level, you realized that the best way to improve yourself is through absorbing the traits of others and incorporating them into yourself. Mono-minds, naturally, fear you as the insidious infection you are.

You can never discover the technologies that allow normal genetic engineering. During species creation, your options are severely limited to the most basic traits. Biological pops can be designated for Assimilation, granting them the Hive Mind trait. Every assimilated pop grants you special resource called “Biomorphic RNA” (or something similar like “Stem Cells”). You use this resource to pay for genetic engineering projects instead of research. You cannot create your own subspecies templates, but new subspecies will be created at semi-random intervals using a random mix of traits you’ve “discovered” but are not limited by the normal trait-point maximums (though more positive traits often means more negative traits to try and balance things out). Every planet that has the base species will have 1-4 pops of the new subspecies created for free. Grants the Infestation bombing stance, which, instead of killing a pop, applies a random compatible hive-mind subspecies to the pop instead. To clarify, it won’t work on a species you haven’t yet Assimilated. If ⅔ of a planet’s pops are hive-minded, basic armies spawn based on the number of hive-mind pops and attempt to take over the planet for you. These special armies vanish after you take control. All army types cost 300% more.
Cannot be removed after the start of the game.
Cannot be combined with Devouring Swarm.

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