Ideas for future “Espionage Branches”

stellaris 8 - Ideas for future "Espionage Branches"

With the new MegaCorps you can open up Branches and that's straight up awesome. A lot of people including me have talked about how this could be utilized in a future patch to covertly build buildings on other Empire's planets through "Covert Branches" or something, that could be used to spy on or otherwise affect that planet or Empire. Maybe the Empire could get abilities to root it out somehow, who knows.

I wrote a few ideas on another theat, so I just post them here as well. Anyone up for some light idea-sharing? 😉

Covert Safe Houses

Our empire supplies and supports a network of underground smuggling routes within this slaver empire, driven to emancipate slaves across the planet.

Unavailable to Xenophobes.

Slave Growth: -30%.

Slave Ethics Attraction to our Governing Ethics: +50%.

Allows for Rescue Mission, allowing a Slave Pop to immediately migrate from this planet to one of our planets – Costs 500 Credits, 60 Influence. May be stopped by local Empire Agent Leaders. Migrated Pop will have a permanent +10% Happiness modifier.


Insurgent Camps

Through our help, disenfranchised and underrepresented elements on the planet has been connected to each other on a global scale. Now these guerilla fighters can fight to overtake the local government with our support.

Spawns Insurgent Jobs from Pops aligned with the most Unhappy Faction in the Empire. Insurgents spawn faster if the planet has a high Crime level and if Faction is generally unhappy and/or suppressed.

Insurgents create Insurgent Armies periodically, and reduces Stability and increases Crime on the planet.


If Insurgent Armies manage to overtake the planet's Defense Armies, the planet becomes a new Empire with the Fanatic version of the Faction's Ethic, alongside certain Civics (Shared Burdens, Police State, Inward Perfection, Imperial Cult, Fanatic Purifiers and in some very rare Spiritualist cases, Post-Apocalyptic).


Press-Ganger Ports

We've found several criminal enterprises in larger ports on the planets who specialize in kidnapping poor, unfortunate souls from the downtrodden on the planet. With a little economical incitement they have agreed to supply us with a large cut of their "production"…

Available to Slaver Guilds, Barbaric Despoilers.

Worker Growth: -15%

Slave Growth on planets within five Hyperlanes of this planet: 15%


Secret Base

Hidden far away from large population centers, this advanced hideout contains a small team of special intelligence officers working to decrypt and occasionally disrupt local communication. The base has room for a small team of operatives as well.

Gain access to some parts of Empire communication (often Trade Deals) periodically and Active Sensor Link within 3 Hyperlanes of the planet.

Allows for Communication Distruption Mission: Pay 800 Energy and 80 Influence and gives -20% to Unity and Science Output, slows enemy ships by -30%. Can be stopped by enemy Empire Agent Leader, better effect if an Empire Agent Leader is added to the Secret Base.

Allows for Sabotage Mission: Pay Energy depending on the Building Sabotaged and 60 Influence and ruins a chosen Building on the planet. Can be stopped by enemy Empire Agent Leader, higher chance of success if an Empire Agent Leader is added to the Secret Base.



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