Ideas for improving the endgame crisis

stellaris 1 - Ideas for improving the endgame crisis

Oops all Unbidden:

Before I make any suggestions let my lay out my issue: the endgame crisis needs some more variety. There are technically 3 in the game (I don't count the L-Gates or the Reckoning since real crises will spawn anyways), though I say technically because I have faced the contingency 3 times (as synthetic ascension, regular machine empire, and driven assimilator) and the unbidden 8 times. It seems that unless I go out of my way to purge all robots and refuse to research jump drives the scourge will never appear. Even if there were 3 real endgames I think a game as varied as stellaris could do better.

Jump Drives and Psionics:

The elephant in the room is that I always build jump drives. But they are so good I consider them essential. I can skimp on sapient ship computers for sure but jump drives are just too important for ruling a large empire. Here are my ideas

  1. Jump drives are no longer 'dangerous', and the Unbidden have a non-zero base chance of spawning
  2. Psionic pops increase the spawn chance for Unbidden similarly to how synthetic pops work with the contingency

Buffing the Scourge:

As of right now the only way to increase the chance of scourge is for no crisis to be rolled for over 50 years. There's got to be something else that makes our galaxy enticing to them though.

  1. Remove the current system and just increase the chance for all crises the same based on the number of endgame years
  2. Let's give the scourge a new method of spawning. I think Biomass could draw them in. Perhaps a very high count of organic pops based on the number of colonized planets would be a trigger?
  3. There'd be much more incentive to pass pest control if you knew those whales were luring the scourge in.
  4. High genetic variance could also be something they're after if they're more like the Tyranids or Zerg, perhaps taking the Bio Ascension perks should also increase the chance
  5. I'm not sure if either of these methods are ideal, but come on give the scourge something.

New Crises entirely:

Lets add a bit more variety to that endgame. If paradox wanted to put these in a DLC I'm sure many of us would pay to have some more variety to our end game. Here are some ideas.

The Rising Storm:


I sure hope you've been treating your slaves well, because the spirit of anarchy and rebellion is now strong enough to constitute an endgame crisis. Under this system, oppressed peoples from around the galaxy will band together to throw off their chains. Maybe they receive funds from a mysterious benefactor, maybe they steal them, I don't know but but somehow they're armed and ready. Instead of bombarding planets they drop leaflets to convince the people to turn against you, and similarly to the contingency if you have slave pops in your empire they may be inspired to commit terrorism or defect. This could have a society research project to create propaganda effective in shutting it down, like the ghost signal. This has a spawn chance based on the number of enslaved pops and the amount of crime/stability in the galaxy.

The Deep Core:

That bright spot on the center of the map is just a bit too large. Hiding within it is an ancient race of aliens who aren't keen on all these upstarts building stations around them. Extremely xenophobic aliens spawn in the middle of the galaxy with planet crackers. Beat them back to their home systems, and destroy their homeworlds once and for all. They have a higher chance of spawning if there are awakened empires that control a large amount of territory, or if a large percentage of empires have complete megastructures (which would imply multiple very powerful empires exist). Maybe building a matter decompressor would particularly threaten them

The Wombo Combo:

This one could be something enabled at the map creation screen like xenocompatibility, that would serve as a challenge. The gist is you get TWO crises for the price of one. After the first crisis is rolled, it is given a 0x modifier but the rolling continues. (maybe even multiply the chances of rolling each other crisis so they happen close together). The new challenge would be double 25x crisis, or if you're just looking for the variety, double x5 should be just slightly harder than 1x single crisis. Maybe the crises are specifically spawned apart from each other so as to make the war on two fronts. You always want to play as flawless machines rather than fleshbags? You aren't limited to just seeing contingency every single time. This would even address my issues with the current crises, since all I'd need to do to get scourge would be to not play as machines and then conquer any AIs that try to make synths for Unbidden + Scourge.

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