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stellaris 1 - Ideas for more Origins

Genius Loci: (Must be a Hive Mind.) This Hive Mind began its existence as a massive, immobile colonial organism. Its tendrils spread across the entirety of its homeworld long before it even conceived of creating mobile drones.

Effect: Start on a Hive World with the same name as the empire's leader, but with 1/2 of the pops of a normal empire.

To Serve in the Dark: (Cannot be a Gestalt Consciousness, cannot be Egalitarian.) When the leaders of this empire discovered faster-than-light travel, they chose to keep its existence a secret from their homeworld's general population, ostensibly for their own good.

Effect: Empire's homeworld starts with the "Blissful Ignorance" modifier, increasing pop happiness, pop growth speed, and worker basic resource output, and slightly decreasing research output. Additionally, pops can migrate neither to or from the homeworld, regardless of policies, as long as the modifier exists. Every year there is a gradually increasing chance that the population will discover the truth, which is increased slightly by empire-controlled ships being in the system, increased moreso by ships controlled by other empires being in the system, and massively increased by xeno pops living on the homeworld. When this happens, the "Blissful Ignorance" modifier is removed, and all primary species pops on the homeworld experience Stellar Culture Shock equivalent to an Early Space Age primitive civilization.


Implanted Unity: (Hive Mind) This Hive Mind emerged out of a species of individuals, who gradually merged into a single mind after developing cybernetic implants that allowed them to be in constant mental communication.

Effect: All pops start with the "Cybernetic" trait, and the empire is allowed to take the Synthetic ascension path.

Extrauniversal: (Anyone) This species evolved in a higher dimension with slightly different laws of physics, but with great effort, they recently managed to create a portal into the mundane universe.

Effect: Homeworld is a unique, habitable Shrouded World, in a system without any other celestial bodies. (Ideally not even a sun, if that's possible.) This system has no hyperlane connections, instead being connected to one other system in the galaxy via a stable wormhole.

Panspermia: (Not a Gestalt Consciousness) Millions of years ago, the ancestors of this species infested ships belonging to a precursor race, and were inadvertently spread across the galaxy.

Effect: Spawns 10 different subspecies of the empire's primary species as Primitive Civilizations, including several pre-sapient subspecies. The empire's guaranteed habitable worlds each host one civilization, while the remainder are scattered randomly throughout the galaxy.

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