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stellaris 4 - Ideas for New Content - Expansion

So I’ve been thinking that there are some things that should be added for a better experience. Something for a new expansion.

1.) Factions. Factions are criminally underused right now, being a glorified example of a single ethos which is not only unrealistic, it’s kinda pointless. The fundamental framework is one of the best Ive seen, implementation is weak and shoddy. So here’s what I propose. Each faction has the same ethos points as an empire. 3 normal/1 fanatical 1 normal. They also have a variety of things they want, some fairly generic(like they are now, e.g. Don’t join a federation) and some specific. A specific would be like this. Say a militarist empire lays claim to a couple uninhabited systems. Then a couple factions would get specific goals pertaining to their ideology. A fanatical pacifist faction would have a goal of “Just let them have it to avoid a war.” While a military faction would cry out for a retaliation. Claiming the enemy empires systems and arm for war. Each faction would also have actual bonuses they would provide aside from a pathetic and somewhat worthless boost to influence which is a already a currency that is an inconvenience at best and a waste of time at worst. Pacifistic/spiritualist factions could give boosts to pop growth speed, preferring to raise families and the like while military factions would give boosts to army and navy strength, experience and train speed. You could also have variations of a similar faction with the same ethos. For example you could have 2 fanatical militarists with xenophobe ethos but would also be different. One would focus on army power and the other navy, simply because one was founded by an admiral and the other by a general. Scientist who founded the same faction would have the faction gear more towards research of certain military techs depending on said scientists specialties (e.g. a scientist that specialized in physics would gear that faction towards physics) and a governor could provide homeward boosts. +Navel Capacity for soldiers and enforcers for example. Or boosts to defense army strength. Also, there’s a potential that crime syndicates and other unbeneficial groups can become factions. These factions you would spend your entire time trying to eradicate. There would also be minor factions. These would be factions with only 1-2 ethos on a single planet, geared more towards that planets problems and issues rather than having empire-wide problems and modifiers. Minor Factions, like major factions, can be local crime rings if the crime goes up too high. Minor factions would also only give modifiers to that specific person planet and wouldn’t provide influence. With this being said, neglect or suppression of a faction also doesn’t give bonuses. Instead of it just not growing or the like, it deliberately retracts and provides negative modifiers. Neglecting, suppressing or ignoring a militarist faction can hurt army/navy power. Egalitarian factions could hurt stability and so on and so on. Also, no there wouldn’t be dozens and dozens of factions. Empire wide factions would be limited between 6-20 depending on empire size and minor factions would be 3 max per planet. So the need to balance factions out becomes a necessity. And failure to balance it out properly could cripple your empire…or worse…lead it into a civil war…which brings me to my next point.


2.) Civil Wars. There is no reason that Civil Wars don’t exist. Aside from the synthetic uprising, there is no actual civil wars in Stellaris and I think that needs to change. So how would civil wars work? Well… Civil Wars could be started by a few major (large populations) factions that feel neglected and have been ignored and suppressed for far too long. In which case. The systems with their power bases would rebel and attempt to either declare their independence, or conquer their parent empire. Civil wars would also be their own war goal, however it would be a literal copy of Total War. Civil war could also be instigated by a neighboring empire, launched by enslaved pops or crime syndicates.

So I had a couple other ideas like adding new ship types and different layers of defenses but then I thought about it and that’s all pretty preferential rather than necessary. Best I can say is maybe improve the AI and release it with the expansion. That WOULD be a selling point as the current AI is broke as fuck. I realize this will 90% not happen and if it does it will likely be broke and just destroy the already shoddy performance but hey, one can dream. What do you all think and what would you like to see in an expansion?

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