Ideas for pirate quests

stellaris 2 - Ideas for pirate quests

A fleet for hire: A space pirate and his fleet have come to you for hire.

Accept: 1000 energy, 70% chance of getting a destroyer/3 corvettes. 30% chance they run off with it.

Deny: A space pirate fleet spawns in the closest system that isn't inhabited.

A haven of scum and villainy: A planet is the base of space pirates. Their shield and forts make it hard to bomb.

Invading it will yield a planet, but it will have a lot of unrest.

(Through diplomacy, you can talk with them, but they will automatically distrust you and allying with them will make others not like you.)

Slavers: Pirate fleet spawns near a planet, bombards a planet, steals a pop.
Destroying the nearby base will release the pop.

Mercy on the defeated: After defeating a pirate fleet, a battleship will float in space. Invading it with troops will yield a decision:

Get a talented admiral/general+unrest

Execute the admiral/general+happiness.


A seemingly empty space station floats in this system. Destroying it yields minerals, but going in with an army yields a treasure map. (Leads to a system far away, but with possibility of finding greater rewards.)

Privateers: Sponsor pirates with energy for fleets to spawn in random locations of star nations that you don't like.

Starbeard the pirate: Spawns at random places in the galaxy, each time he is defeated he spawns at a new place, but with a larger fleet. "I shall have my revenge!"

Upon entering a system, two different pirate clans are asking you for help in defeating the other.

Reward: one of two research.

Alternatively: Destroy them both to get minerals.

Ambitious corsairs: If pirates manage to defeat your spacestation, they hack it to take it for themselves. Things can get ugly fast if it has a shipyard.

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