I’m in genuine grief; my space amoeba died.

stellaris 4 - I'm in genuine grief; my space amoeba died.

Proceeding from the event chain "It followed me home", I had myself a cute little space amoeba that I named "Nyx". I'm aware most people call the amoeba "Bubbles", but to that I say get stuffed Nyx is a cooler name. Anyway, This space amoeba would initially follow my fleet around everywhere as in this stage of the game my empire was small enough to only have one fleet and Nyx was agile enough to keep up with my fleet. But as Nyx grew, she became more slothful and wasn't able to keep up with my fleet. This meant I deployed her by herself so she could mop up any straggling outposts when on the offensive, or help defend outlying starbases when on the defensive.

Nyx Grew even more when she reached 100 years of age. Throughout her life I wondered whether she had a life span or whether a hard coded death date existed or not. The event that occurs when the Amoeba reaches 100 years means it bumps the fleet power from about 400 to about 4.3k – certainly nothing to gawk at.

I'm declared war on by a federation of 2 spiritualist nations (I'm fanatic materialist, for reference). Combined, they're quite a bit stronger than me. However individually, they wouldn't stand much of a chance at all against my empire. Thinking it'd take quite a while for one of the two empires to mobilise, I do what was mentioned formerly and use Nyx to mop up their outlying, unremarkable systems for the sake of warscore.


But then I see it. An enemy fleet of 4.3k.

I know I don't have time to run because Nyx is far too slow, and I know I can't reinforce because my fleets are both too far away, and I know Nyx herself won't be able to prevail even though her fleet power is higher than the enemy's. In a desperate measure, I enact all the strategic resource edicts that give buffs to military, but to no avail. The enemy fleet enters the same system as Nyx, and combat ensued.

The first volley from Nyx in that battle proved to be her last, and she was slain after the first few days of combat. I wish I could say she died valiantly, but the fact of the matter is she barely put up a fight. I feel like a monster for subjecting such an innocent and precious creature to the horrors of interstellar warfare.

Even though it's ultimately a game, and even though it has absolutely no bearing over reality, I genuinely feel guilty and grief-stricken after her being slain


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