I’m sure it’s been said but… Hive Mind updates?

stellaris 2 - I'm sure it's been said but... Hive Mind updates?

I feel like have minds have been left in the dust lately, I still enjoy them, but they feel lacking. After coming back to the game from a long break I expected they would have some extra stuff, but hive worlds is the only content that I think is really interesting.

I won't ask for much, but I'll explain the few things I do want, and ideas I have for them. I'm going to try and list these from my personal most wanted to least wanted, but they are all close contest in my mind. What's in bold is what I think they need, the rest is fluff from my mind.

1.) Biological ships; I feel like this has been said a thousand times and I just really would like it to be a thing. The nanites have one, the FE's have one, the pirates and marauders have one, and several others. Why not bio ships with some unique features?

-No shields, instead has natural hull/armor regen, and more focus on unique weapon types that can be countered better by point defense, but overall are more effective. Point defense and weapons effective to Hull and Armor are now a priority when fighting hive minds with bio-ships.

-Bio ship fighters (Now called swarmers, sort of like scourge) are capable of reaching a T5 or T4 fighters, and are more effective.

-Ship upkeep is now food instead of alloy

2.) Unique Hive-Mind Events; I feel like have minds are just lacking some in-game flavor events, I have a ton of ideas for these so for now I'm not going to add on to this.

-Besides tree of life needing some events.

3.) Queen Based Hive; Have a queen, or queens, stationed somewhere either as a ship or on a planet that now acts as the lifeblood of the hive, in turn, its death will be the end of the empire.

-I'd love it if instead of pops growing on planets naturally, a queen must place them. So a queen or queens, can exist somewhere in the empire to grow pops, but then can hold onto them until it is told to drop them off.


– It could be a powerful ship that you have at the start of the game (hear me out) that must be present above a planet, and instead of bombardment stances, it has reproductive ones. Maybe Reproducing or Populating can be the options. Reproducing stores the pops on the queen that are dormant until placed, and populating can automatically spit them out onto colonized planets she is floating above. The queen vessel can only attack when in systems with planets above a certain pop count, and or the capital world of the empire. So it cannot be used as a front for war (Maybe war-queen can be an ascension perk) And is as easy to contain as a usual empire, but harder to finish off.

4.) Alternative Ascension Perks, or unique features for Bio-Ascension as a Hive Mind; I feel like the hive minds lack options for how games can play out. Most of the time I play them I don't really have to ponder a play style, it just feels like they need more ways to play. I always said to my friend it seems like hive mind was added for devouring swarm, not devouring swarm was added for hive minds.

– After the first or second genetic ascension perk there should be some additional options given to hive minds considering this is their only true ascension path. Bio ships could go here, metamorphosis akin to the new necrophages, or some form of biological Colossus/Juggernaut/Megastructure would be incredible.

I have plenty more ideas, but I'm just going to throw this out there. Hope the readers enjoy, or maybe even a dev for inspiration *wink*. I know some of this may be in the forgotten queens mod I've seen a couple of times on here, however I've never used it, only seen bits, so hopefully my ideas aren't a complete rip off. Thanks for reading!

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