Imperium of Man Restart, Pt 1

stellaris 7 - Imperium of Man Restart, Pt 1

Mods I used: Automatic Pop Migration, Real Space new frontiers, Real space 3.2, and Glavius's Ultimate AI. Some other cosmetic mods are also used.

I do remember my old playthrough, but I saw the Glavius mod and thought a new playthrough was in order with much better ai. So this is the current result. Very fun playthrough I must admit. The political tension I have in my game can speak for itself.

The following is part 1 of my timeline. I hope you enjoy. Part 2 will follow soon after due to reddit post timers.

2200 |Hyperlanes discovered|

After the Unification War, hyper-lanes were discovered by a union of independent scientists. Harnessing this technology, Humanity can now take to the stars and lead the Imperium to Glory.

In July, A habitable planet has been found in the Alpha Centauri System. A great day for humanity, as the first stepping stone into galactic dominance.

2206 |First Human Colony|

Colonists have landed on the now named Argyre, The habitable world discovered in Alpha Centauri with megaflora that towers into the clouds, providing natural beauty and innate awe at the wonders of the universe. This is a great day for humanity. Architects are already planning out the agrarian economy the Emperor intends for this world.

2209 |First Primitives Discovered|

In the nearby Trappist System, a species of primitives called the Mith-Fell were discovered. An intelligent species that is currently undergoing the equivalent of the human machine age. They’re an Avian species with long, serrated beaks, three-fingered hands that are attached to the ends of wings. The species can be found both walking and gliding. But prolonged flight is achieved through their inventions, rather than their natural ability. An interesting species, but vile in the eyes of humanity nonetheless.

2210 |Second Human Colony|

While this is simply news for colonists, it is much more significant for scientists and archeologists, as ancient cities can be found on Ithaca, the newest addition to the Emperor’s Core Worlds Programme. Many ruins are beyond repair, so a new settlement has been made just upriver to one of the larger sets of ruins. The two suns glaring down on the world provides a pleasant and temperate warmth.

2214 |Gateway discovered|

One of the Imperium’s Science vessels discovered a sort of “gateway” It’s basic structure suggests a sort of transport structure, leading military leaders to theorize on the tactical usage of such gateways, depending on how many of them in the galaxy there are. For right now, such gateways will remain dormant, humanity’s reverse engineering efforts will take many years, perhaps centuries before such technologies can be used.

2216 |Third Human Colony|

Totaling 4 planets, the Core Worlds Programme has been completed. Humanity has secured its own little pocket of the galaxy. A foot in the door, to begin the grand expansion of humanity into the cosmos. Scythia is the newest addition, an ocean world featuring massive waves. While a nuisance to the local population, humanity will adapt and overcome. In this case, simply means settling a bit more inland.

2223 |Terraforming Discovered|

Ancient ruins on Scythia were discovered to be an ancient and unfinished terraforming project by some bygone civilization. Rather than risk the completion of this alien project, scientists determined to reverse engineer the technology for humanity’s own use. This gift from the ancients will be used to greatly benefit humanity, as one more core world will be transformed into the ideal habitat for humanity. An image of humanity’s power and success.

2227 |First Contact|

A gamma menace has been revealed on scanners in one of the Imperium’s science vessels. The population received this news with worry, considering the lack of human military power, The only comforts humanity has is faith, and knowing the isolation of their territory should keep them secure from oncoming attacks.

2228 |Autocracy of Cithlar Discovered|

The alien transmissions have been decoded and translated by Imperial Xenology teams, opening a communications channel to a species of Erudite explorers, They have an Imperial government, and appreciate the meeting of new species. Humanity, on the other hand, prefers to be left very well alone. The first message to a fellow interstellar empire is one of measured hostility.

The first of Humanity’s problems has begun.

2229 |United Tumbator Confederation Discovered|

The second interstellar civilization has been discovered. A species looking similar to Chimpanzees on earth has taken hold of Territory to the Galactic North of the Imperium. These monkeys have a direct democracy government type, a species appreciating the independent being rather than the collective good. Again, Humanity will find no friends in the galaxy. Preferring to stand alone against the Xeno hordes.

2230 |The Betrayed Probe|

One of humanity’s earliest attempts at interstellar communication, during a time of xenophilic tendencies, Has been rediscovered on the edge of Imperial Space. It has alien modifications attached to it like parasites and emitting a signature far greater than what it was initially capable of putting out. It asked the scientists who contacted it if Humanity was its maker. Upon confirmation, it then declared humanity to be killed and opened fire on the science vessel. A task group has been sent to eliminate the threat and pave the way for the science vessel to continue its journey.


The fact remains that humanity is surrounded by alien threats. Whether they’ve shown their faces or not. The encounter also reveals the danger of throwing human technology into the hands of Xenos, something must be done about this.

2233 |Ikaanan Hierarchy Discovered|

After a compassionate scientist volunteered to help some Xenos with a bug problem, they were found out to be part of a larger civilization called the Ikaanan Hierarchy. An avian species with a single eye on the front of their head. Many of the Ikaanans are accompanied by a subservient species, The Ikaanan called them the Regerians. While bigger and stronger than the Ikaanans, they seem to be content with their servant status. The Ikaanan government type is imperial, with a goal to make all the species of the galaxy subservient to them and their false god.

In August, The Terraforming of the last of the Core Worlds has been complete. A colony ship has been scheduled for construction and is en route to settle the planet. The fifth and final planet has completed what many in the Imperium call the Hand of the Emperor. Each planet representing a finger.

2237 |Vool Foundation Discovered|

Another communication channel has been opened for a species of fungoid aliens called the Vool Foundation. They lacked any appendages but rather, floated a few feet from the ground via natural gasses they emit. A few Imperial children say they levitate by use of farts, and indeed, Imperial delegates report of the stench that permiates any room a Vool can be located in. Besides the repugnant nature of the species, The vool immediately alert Humanity to a machine intelligence that is a great danger to the Galactic community, as they were the ones who created such vile machines.

Noting the warning, Imperial Delegates learned that the Vool Government is led by scientists, in a sort of an oligarchical system of governance. Where scientific progress is of a higher value than even Vool life. The people, while not in squalor, long for the days of their homeworld prosperity, which is told to be a paradise of marshland and forests.

The Imperium has little regard for their homeworld other than the danger that inhabits it. Such a danger has yet to be witnessed though.

2239 |Igarian Marauders Discovered|

A species of nomadic tribespeople, a culture similar to the ancient steppe people of humanity. They have no centralized government and is constantly a victim to infighting. Their potential power can hardly be understated should they unify. But for now, the advertise themselves as hostile, but beneficial should we have a need for mercenaries or raiders against any rivals of ours. They’re a mammalian race, tall and thin, with large tusks emerging from their mouths.

2240 |Manifest Destiny|

After some time reorganizing the governmental efficiency of the Imperium, Emperor Marcus Antonius declared a manifest destiny, to conquer and control the South Western portion of the Galaxy. Aliens be damned. Colonists cheered this proclamation, as the glory of humanity can finally be unfurled into a grander majesty.

2241 |The Ikaanan Hierarchy Non-Aggression Pact|

Pressured by Imperial power and expansion, the Ikaanan Hierarchy was prompted to open their borders to the Imperium, and sign a non-aggression pact, Securing the southern front of the Imperium of Man and allowing the population to breathe a sigh of relief.

2244 |Defensive Pact with the Ikaanan|

The Ikaanan, while filthy Xenos, has proven to be a fairly docile Civilization. Content in their own space. The Emperor saw no reason to sign a defensive pact with them, as the larger threat of the Tumbator loomed on the Horizon. The Cithlar also poses a threat, with new borders being hashed out by Imperial Pioneers. The general population has reserved emotions about this event. Thinking that one day, the Ikaanan will backstab humanity to achieve their ambitious goal of galactic subservience.

Very soon after this was accepted however, the Ikaanans offered up more, seeing the value of Human intelligence and might. They offered a mutual research agreement, as well as a commercial pact. The Emperor accepted both, seeing no reason to accept such a valuable gift as Xeno technology and goods. Some families thought the Emperor was going soft, and possibly had a harem of Ikaanan females in his palace. The government propaganda simply stated that the Ikaanans are reeling away in fear from the strength of humanity, and wanted to avoid as much as possible, by giving the Imperium as much as possible.

The one item of import that humanity will not budge on though, was signing a migration treaty with the Ikaanans. Imperial space was to be just that, Imperial. The offer was flatly denied. The people sighed in relief. No longer fearing that the emperor was brainwashed by the alien scum into cooperation.

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