[IMPORTANT] Notice of Trade Agreement Termination

stellaris 1 - [IMPORTANT] Notice of Trade Agreement Termination

"Since the galactic senate's formation nearly eighty years ago, one threat has loomed over us in this galaxy we all call home. Some of us have chosen to ignore it. A few of us have succumb to it, being eradicated from the galactic stage, most of their population slaughtered, the only remaining trace of them the fleshy growth formations that now coat their former worlds. A few though, either out of a sense of duty, necessity, or both, have chosen a path less traveled; to fight. To try and push the Devourers back, or at least keep them at bay and protect themselves and their neighbors. Each time an empire has mustered the courage to fight, we, the Earth Corporate Council, have stood by and given them all the support we could: Alloys, fuel, even entire newly constructed fleets. Yet in the end, even these things were not enough. These brave clients were unable to push the Devouring hordes back, barely scraping by and holding their own. Despite our selfless actions, many of our other clients have criticized us, have claimed we have not done enough while they sit and watch these events unfold from the safety of their worlds. Even the Elvaran Harmony, the supposed protectors and interventionalists of the galaxy, stand idly by as their neighbour, the Gnomes of The Council of Aman, succumb to the Nagyari Devourers, only mustering a military response when their own borders come under threat. Seeing as how the Devourers are not only a threat to all life in the galaxy, but one we all understandably seem hesitant to mobilize against, I am hereby proposing a resolution that would require all able empires to unite together against this threat."

~Senator Bobby Wood addressing the Galactic Council, 05/2134

Dear Customer,


Taking into consideration both the unanimous vote against Senator Wood's resolution last year, as well as the recent loss of the Council of Aman to the Nagyari Devourers, the ECC has decided to take our clients' previous accusations and complaints into consideration and take steps to rectify them. As such, all trade agreements providing fuels, industrial goods and consumer goods to empires not directly affected by the Devourers are hearby null and void. We understand many of you rely on these resources to keep your fleets in fighting shape, your industry running and even the lights on at night, however more pressing matters have arisen and the survival of the galaxy requires these resources be invested into our direct military response against the Nagyari. We apologise for any inconvenience, and ask that you refrain from filing any complaints regarding the nullification of any vital trade deals.

Best regards, ~ Samantha Jones, ECC Customer Relations

During my current playthrough, a certain Devouring Horde Hivemind has been going around the galaxy, decimating systems and turning conqoured worlds into disgusting balls of flesh. As of yet, no empire has tried to fight them and I as the generous Industrial MegaConglomerate that I am have poured tens of thousands of minerals, energy and alloys into empires trying to fight them. After they devoured their third empire, I decided enough was enough, terminated most of my monthly trade deals with the galactic market (I make so many minerals, alloys and consumer goods I have to dump them there by the hundreds) I built my own fleet, now the second most powerful in the galaxy (sans the fallen empires) to battle the Nagyari Devourers, who have the first most powerful fleet and control a quadrant of the galaxy. The absolute absurdity of a MegaCorp needing to step in and defend it's clients halfway across the galaxy from a devouring swarm, especially when there are no less than three fanatic militarists in the galaxy, has inspired me to try and do some creative writing.

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