(In)Famous MegaCorps

stellaris 2 - (In)Famous MegaCorps

So, we have some hours to kill left. I think most of us have already thought about which MegaCorp they would first venture into space (even if the finetuning with civics happens in a few hours). And I would bet good money, most of us are of course looking to familiar faces first, instead of creating their very own. Which is nothing bad, because I love to have familiar SciFi faces in my game and am eager to see if the Zann Consortium will prevail over the Ferengi Alliance or if Weyland Yutani will crush all competitors. And this brings us here right now.

In the final hours, I have already a solid idea which new MegaCorp empires I want for my first vanilla runs and which Empires rather join in a few weeks (or 2019) when the mods are working again )and my achievement hunt is done). But, there might still be some good ideas from books, movies, videogams or television out there that slipped my mind so far. And so fellow Blorg Friends, I ask you to show me which obvious choices I have missed? Which greedy corporate cesspool ('member? should be added to the following (short) list?

Star Wars * Hutt Cartel * Zann Consortium * Black Sun * Trade Federation

Star Trek * Ferengi Alliance * Orion Syndicate

TV/Movies * Weyland-Yutani Corporation * OCP * Veridian Dynamics * MomCorp

Videogames * Saints Empire * Hyperion

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