Instability and Rebellion. A necessary evil for a greater Stellaris?

stellaris 8 - Instability and Rebellion. A necessary evil for a greater Stellaris?

Keeping your empire together in Stellaris is almost laughably easy. Enforcers can deal with all Unrest and even if that fails ground troops and perhaps military might can put an end to any insurgency Stellaris throws at you. This current system allows empires after a brief pacification period to keep going and take control over whole empires with ease.

Of course there are some internal crisises the player has to handle:

-There are refugees crisises caused by Khan / Purifiers / Crisis that perhaps put a dent into your stability only to have massively boosted you population after you've adjusted.

-Criminal Branch Offices can become very annoying to deal but really only need some enforcers and time

-The Robot uprising while the most engaging of the 3 only affects empires that use robots and so rarely happens.


So what am I suggesting? What I'd like to see is Rebellions to be an actual thread and to be more engaging to deal with. This could be Seperatism based on ethnicity or ethic or it could be whole sectors (their shape still needs some work btw) seceding, unsatisfied with the central goverment. Or, in my wet dreams, it could be civil wars to decide the future of a nation (maybe even funded by rival empires), or a civil war failing to have a decisive victor break the nation into multiple states. Or it could be a once mighty empire decending into warlordism due to numerous factors.

How to start? There are several things that can be done right away which don't require coding the entirety of 20th century China into the game. -Have succesful Rebellions take neighboring starbases. -Succesful Rebellions will drive other at risk planets into having increased instability -Have army pops defect based on ethic, ethnicity or happiness -Give multiple succesful similar rebellions the chance to unite into 1 nation -Make it so the AI for non start empires isn't absolutely braindead.

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