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stellaris 8 - Institutions & Leaders

With the recent Developer Diary, and Dan's idea regarding Institutions, I've been on a bit of a brainstorm. I think that Institutions, in this case, meaning the various organisations, departments and ministries involved with the state, could introduce some really interesting mechanics to the game for internal diplomacy.

Ideally this would release after a Diplomatic Update, though it could come before, but for its full effect to be realised then I believe the diplo update will be necessary.


Institution Role & Effect Ethics/Other
Security Enforcer Effectiveness Authoritarian/Egalitarian
Defence Naval/Army Power/Cap Militarist/Pacifist
Diplomatic Trust/Opinion/Soft Power Xenophile/Xenophobe
Agriculture & Environment Food Output & Pollution (New Mechanic) NONE
Trade & Commerce Trade Value/Commercial Pacts Xenophile/Xenophobe
Science & Culture Research Output Spiritualist/Materialist

For example;

Trade & Commerce Department could have the two following policy options;

  • Foreign Tariffs (Boosts Internal Trade, Lowers Commercial Pacts + Xenophobe Ethics Attraction)
  • Free Trade (Lowers Internal Trade, Boosts Commercial Pacts + Xenophile Ethics Attraction

As you can see, the chosen method of policy could and will impact the ethics of your empire. This would be a small impact, but over time and with my other suggestion it could lead to gradual changes throughout your empire.

Leaders & Factions

Leaders would now have two additional traits; a Fanatic Ethic and a Normal Ethic. These could be changed via events or spending influence perhaps. Leaders would also maintain traits similar to their current ones. Such as; Righteous.

The Institutions would each need a Minister/Director to lead the organisation. The player decides on who goes where, but if the player matches the Leaders Ethics with the policies of each Institution there is a boost to productivity from that policy + increased Ethics Attraction to that policy type. Factions would also play a role in wanting for particular policies and leaders in each Institution.


However, as Leaders would still have their other traits you may find it that a Leader with differing Ethics is really good trade despite being of the opposing policy and government ethic. So you, as the player, need to decide if you want increased ethics attraction as a result of your leader.

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For example, using the Trade & Commerce Institution policy, Free Trade; (Numbers are meaningless)

Leader Trait Ethics Policy Effect Faction Effect
Leader A Diplomat (+Trust Modifier) Fanatic Egalitarian & Xenophile +10% Value from Commercial Pacts +5% Xenophile Faction Happiness/Approval
Leader B Righteous (+Enforcer Output/Crime Reduction) Fanatic Pacifist & Authoritarian No Effect No Effect
Leader C Trader (+Trade Output – Internal/External) Fanatic Xenophobe & Militarist +20% Value from Commercial Pacts +10% Xenophobe Faction Happiness/Approval

This system would not only increase the depth and differences for each empire, but it would also allow more nuance in faction politics. Instead of dumping huge amounts of influence to change your empires ethics, it could be a more subtle change over time with events inter-mingled throughout. For even faster changes, then the current method could be used in-conjunction.

Key Points

  • Policies would be tied to "government" departments.
  • Policies will have more impact than just a -/+ but have an effect on the populaces opinion on the government and the future of the empire.
  • Factions and Leaders would have more use and involvement in each empire.
  • Changes to empires becomes more nuanced and interesting.

Anyway, that's my idea.

Feedback would be appreciated.

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