Internal Affairs in Stellaris.

stellaris 4 - Internal Affairs in Stellaris.

I feel like the Internal workings of a state are a bit bare bones in this game. Here are my ideas that i would love to see in this game, and I would hear your ideas and opinions about this.

1. Make democratic nations function like one

In the real world democracies are often slower at making decisions since it has to go through one or multiple parliaments. I feel like this should be represented. This parliament system would allow you to customise your nation even more and would make a democratic nation actually playable. (Currently I feel that a democratic nations "buff" that is the mission you get every time you get a leader actually hinders your experience). You could maybe customise how your nation elects your leader, how much representatives are in parliament, who can and can't vote etc. Also make constitutional monarchies playable I have no idea how are they not in the game yet. Also in democratic nation sector governors should also be elected instead of appointed.

2. Loyalty and coups.

One genius feature of Imperator is the loyalty mechanics of characters. I feel like that mechanic would be a good addition in stellaris. It would mean that players instead of building giant doom-stack, would build smaller fleets if one rebels you don't lose all of your ships. I also should apply to governors. If your nations becomes unstable coups by the military and/or rebellions should be a lot more common. If i destroy 75% of a nations fleet, and took over 1/3rd of their system that nation would fall into chaos irl. (Think of France after the Franco-Prussian war, or Germany after ww1)


3. Impact of law changes

If I had an empire built by slavery and suddenly decided to outlaw it, my slave owners would rebel. (see USA civil war) I feel like if you change your policies, they should have a much bigger effect.

4. Corruption

I'm not talking about some shroud/demonic I am talking about good old political one. In Imperator its also is a number. I feel like that is a wrong approach. I feel like your ruler/parliament should have a percentage of corruption. This percent is your chance at having bad events happen to you. Maybe you built a flee, and due to corruption you are forced to use a sub-optimal admiral, because his daddy bought him that position.

5. Monarchies/dictatorships

Pretenders should be a thing. Also maybe take some inspiration from Dune and represent the cut-throat politics of a royal court.

6. Taxes.

I want to be able to adjust them, maybe improve upon on Victoria 2-s tax system.

7. Private sector

Maybe you could outsource your production to a company. Private militaries the possibilities are endless.

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