Internal Corporations

stellaris 3 - Internal Corporations

With MegaCorp, we have Corporations that rule as governments, but anything below that power level is abstracted out into just The Market. A feature that Civilization 4 (and Civ5 Vox Populi) had was Corporations that could transcend borders and provide their own benefits and costs separate from your actual government. It seems like MegaCorp adds the infrastructure that could support such a mechanic, though obviously the expansion itself doesn't add it.

It seems that you could increase the number of Branch Offices that could be on a planet to say, 3-4 (mostly for UI reasons), and have the ability to have different corporations with offices there, each taking their share of the planet's Trade Value. Perhaps only one MegaCorp could have a branch office on a given planet at a time. Depending on ethics/civics, Internal Corporations could form over the course of the game, and have diplomacy with their parent civilization as well as their neighbors. They may make economic or diplomatic requests of their government, wanting lower taxes in exchange for bribes donations, asking for an economic pact with a nearby empire so they can expand their business, or place regulations on an opposing corporation or MegaCorp. Internal Corporations would be relatively docile, but MegaCorps could seek to aggressively buy out and subsume their branch offices or the entire corporation, allowing them to take more control of a system's trade, and expanding their influence without needing to build more branch offices on more planets.


The Market could become tied to corporations directly, with different Corporations impacting the prices of different goods directly based on their influence and diplomacy. This seems doable just with the Corporate game mechanics being put into place with MegaCorp, with the "multiple branch offices per planet" part probably being the largest change and hardest to do via modding.

And hey, you could even give the <
regular corporations punny and referential names!

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