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stellaris 1 - Internal Sector Economies

With the coming changes to sectors, I thought I might add a few thoughts here. I would like to see sectors act as mini-economies that attempt balance themselves internally, or at least receive bonuses if they manage to do so. If a sector can produce everything it consumes, it should receive a small efficiency boost for not having to import things, if it has a big surplus of something, perhaps it could get a minor boost from exports.

The goal here is not just realism for realism's sake, but an interesting mechanic that would allow sectors released as vassals to be viable on their own. And following, at some point, the idea of sector revolts that could actually maintain themselves. Right now, most of my sectors have horribly balanced economies because unless the sector happens to have an Agri world in it, I probably wont build farms, or without a Mining world, mines. There is no in game reason to actually balance your sector economy, and if one of my sectors somehow became independent it would collapse in ruin. I released the mod Local Production to provide some counter incentives to this at the planet level, but Id like to see more than is currently actually possible to mod.

Basic idea
Every resource within a sector must be net positive, and if not the sector should automatically purchase that resource from the market, deducting from its own energy income. If it falls short, the balance is deducted from your empire income. This would mean not having enough food or minerals in a sector to feed it would have a cost- since generally the market is more expensive than producing it locally.


Second, a percentage of all excess production in a sector should be automatically sold to the market. The net result of this and the first point would be that sectors would internally trade with each other, like a real economy. How much that percentage that is sold could be modified by governors, sector policies, or distance from capital. Core sectors would send their resources directly to your stockpiles, yet frontier sectors largely would not, instead selling to the market and sending you energy credits as taxes. Sector designations may modify this, so perhaps a mining sector sends less of its minerals to the market, but more returns directly to your stockpile, you similarly could have agri, forge, and industrial sectors.

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I know any mention of sectors and automation will likely get cries of "but the sector AI is terrible"- this thread is not about that. I generally agree with the idea that I would like much of the late game micro management be outsourced to sectors. I think this might actually help the sector AI, because it is easier to tell the AI that it needs to build farming districts when it is buying food, or mining districts when it is importing minerals, than to try and teach it to look for planet modifiers and how to specialize planets optimally.

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