Is cloud lightning worth it ? L’ets find out with meth v2

stellaris 4 - Is cloud lightning worth it ? L’ets find out with meth v2

Okay so last time i did this i was an idiot. I still am just a litle less tho. And i decided to keep the typo beacause i don’t care

(Litle reminder for newbies "tesla battleships are battleships fully dected out with arc emmiters and cloud lightning")

Okay so im gonna make the comparaison with a basic battleship with 2x neutron launchers shortened to NL and 2x kinetic altilery shortened to KA convinience sake, cloud lightning is also gonna be shortened to CL

KA 45dmg per day 75% accuracy… (oof) 0% tracking.

NL 42dmg per day 90% accuracy 0% tracking

CL 12dmg per day 100% accuracy 30% tracking

What jumps out is the very low damage of the CL… but the CL can go through armor and shields. In a scenario where both empire are at lvl 20 repeatables on everything. L’ets see the stats

2×3 utility slots. So l’ets go for a standard amount of shields and armor.

3x dark matter shield components = 6600 hp

3x lvl 5 armor components = 5220 hp

Basic fully upgraded battlship hull = 4600hp

Battleship 1 Dmg for CL is 24 x4 96dmg

With that loadout its gonna take 48 days to destroy the battleship

Battleship 2 Dmg for KA is 90 x2 180dmg Dmg for NL is 84 x2 168dmg

Dmg to shields

NL 84dmg per day


KA 360dmg per day

= 444dmg per day to shields wich is gonna take them down in 14 days

Dmg to armor

NL 252 per day


KA 90 per day

= 342 dmg per day to armor wich is gonna take them down in 15 days

Damage to hull

NL 294 per day


KA 225 per day

= 519 dmg per day to hull wich is gonna take it down in ~9 days


For a total of 38 days !

…On paper. See these weapons inlcuding cl here. Have a very low fire rate. Base of 6 days to reload. Wich makes the low accuracy of the kinetic altilery and extreme 16 days of reload of the neutron and the very low damage floor of the cl… all play against them in a real test application of this. Wich makes the fire rate repeatable tech… one of the best too. The more you can roll the dice the less punitive a mistake will be. Sadly i think that calculating all these variables are beyond my skill level in meth.

Still one thing that on paper can be calculated is. When will the cloud lightning be effective ? As of my calculations level 30 repeatables. Beacause Assuming everyone is spending the same on deffensive and offensive repeatables neutron launcher and kinetic altilery will always deal the same dmg per day since their bonus damage scales equaly with the bonus defense of the ships.

So thats it people. Thats about as good as i can put it. Level 30 is where Cloud lightning becomes a viable option. The extra accuracy and tracking makes it a better weapon against small targets too.

TLDR its complicated… allot to take into account that i can’t with my nonexistant math skillz. But on paper. Pre level 30 repeatables take neutron launcher and kinetic altilery. (Very important to make a mix as it performs HUGELY better) post level 30 take cloud lightning

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