Is it just me, or do L-gates kinda suck?

stellaris 1 - Is it just me, or do L-gates kinda suck?

I've been thinking a lot about all the Stellaris dlc and how all of them are pretty good- all except Distant Stars.

It's kind of insidious if you think about it. All the other dlc are forthright with what you're getting when you buy it; Apocalypse is all about the world cracker, Federations does the federation thing. But Distant Stars is sold on it's mystery. "Can you solve the mystery of the L-gates and breach the L-cluster, cadet?" Well, as it turns out, with a couple decades spent dumping science into the problem, yes you can! And what do you find on the other side? Well, about 50% of the time, you find a galaxy ending crisis.

Now I know Stellaris players. They hear "galaxy ending crisis" and shout "hooray!". But that's what the veterans say who've already opened the L-cluster before. For a new player, it's a big 90k fleet power pie in the face, and that's not an exaggeration! Nearly every week I see a new post on this sub of some poor schmucks galaxy screen half wiped clean by the Grey Tempest. It's a poor reward for a player who just wanted to solve a mystery, especially considering Stellaris is very unclear about how much fleet power you should have at any given time.

Now as for the other outcomes from opening the L-gates, it's hard for me to talk about them because I've literally never gotten them. Grey Tempest is ridiculously common, which blows pretty hard seeing as it's the worst outcome. But from what I've read on the wiki, the other outcomes are underwhelming at best.


So what, then? "If you don't like it, just ignore the L-gates!" Well, y'see, I can't actually do that, because the AI in my games is a tech rushing addict, and if you don't race them to open the L-gates first then all that Grey Tempest fleet power is going to be pointed at you! It's a lose-lose situation.

And worst of all, you will lose even harder if you're a player like me, who likes to play galaxy spanning devouring swarms. Often times if you're a empire large enough to take on the Tempest easily, you'll be so large that you'll have more than one L-gate in your borders. Hey, free fast travel right? WRONG!!! Because once you open that L-cluster, every L-gate in the galaxy can travel directly into your empire! Regardless of closed borders or not!! For some fucking reason!!! This is border gore on a scale unseen before in 4X games!

So those are my thoughts on L-gates. Unfortunately, this problem can't be solved by just disabling the dlc, because the rest of Distant Stars is pretty good. Maybe there's a mod that can help me- if you know one, let me know!

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