Is Stellaris about to become its own sequel?

stellaris 2 - Is Stellaris about to become its own sequel?

Lets be honest, once 2.2 hits Stellaris will be almost nothing like Vanilla. Even someone like me, playing for about 20 hours every now and then, with few patches in between or maybe for a time after each DLC, can see that vanilla Stellaris and current build are drastically different and with introduction of what can be described as "Victoria 2 style" population mechanics Stellaris will be much closer to other PDX grand strategies than to a more typical 4X game it started as.

All PDX games I have followed changed over time. Mostly due to build up of features in consequent DLCs. But even without any of paid features Stellaris came the farthest compared to other games. I personally like it. I'm anxious about the more simulation style of 2.2, because it is different from what I am used to. But I am also excited about the whole new universe of opportunities and new experiences.


Given the scope of the changes and updates to various systems and how they piled up over the years, I think it is not far from truth, even if it's mostly a joke, to say that Stellaris is becoming its own sequel. Most companies iterate by releasing new games in the series, introducing changes in sequels. PDX on the other hand iterates with its DLCs mostly, and that is its own can of worms given opinions of part of community regarding DLC policy (lets just say that one of best jokes in chat during recent EU IV grand lan party was in my humble opinion "Change the privateer fleet name to 'DLC Policy', even if I personally find it tolerable). But even compared with other PDX games, Stellaris is evolving at much more rapid pace and much more of the changes make it to free updates.

So here's to Stellaris devs, for making a sequel without ever releasing one and not charging for a large part of it.

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