Is there any way to get my allies to help?

stellaris 4 - Is there any way to get my allies to help?

Spoilers for end-game crisis.

I got the Unbidden, as I said in the post I just made. They were the least fun crisis motherfuckers to fight, as I'm sure you all know. At least sometimes, crisis events get you special one-time allies that pop in out of nowhere and go "naw, bro, I got this. It's cool." But the Unbidden? Tedious is a word to describe it. I chase them down and slowly grind my fleet into nothing, destroying their outposts and chasing the construction fuckers around and trying to kill them before they can undo everything I accomplished. Then I rebuild my fleet once they're destroyed/I flee, and by the time I get back half the progress I made is gone. GONE.

So I'm ready to destroy the portal, but shit gets raw and a million billion Unbidden flock to the portal because fuck me, this entire crisis wasn't already the most frustrating FUCKING thing in the world. The game needed to give me one like boot to the balls to remind me who was in charge.

So the point of this rant here is that an Awakened Empire came to my aid! He saw that shit was getting real and created a Federation with me and a bunch of others. Rivals put aside their differences. Wars ceased to occur (except for that one other Fallen Empire and some civilization that always ended in a truce over and over again).

And then… they didn't really do anything at all. Like, at all. As in, AT ALL.


I killed the Unbidden. I went through their territory and destroyed them all. I paid an untold number of space-minerals and space-money to fund building titans and battleships, and I did all the research to make them as powerful and as pants-shittingly awesome as I could. I was the one who was prepared to rush down there and punch the Unbidden right in their higher-dimensional DICK. And, of course, they all started rebuilding before I could deal the final blow, and now I have to do it all over again. Fuck it; I quit. I'm starting a new file. I just dropped 4 or 5 hours on this crap and it was all worthless. I have a HEADACHE from staring at this goddamned screen for so fucking long.

Why in the ever-loving hell did my allies do nothing? I saw them pissing around there with a few fleets once or twice, but I killed 3/4 of ALL the Unbidden that ever got killed. While I was dying over and over and flushing away hours on an enemy that just regenerates and dog-piles me when I'm half an inch away from victory, these useless, miserable, god-awful little FUCKERS were sending their science ships around because the Unbidden had destroyed an entire space-faring civilization and, after I pushed them back (ME! NOT THEM!) there was a tonne of new space for them to research and discover.

Is there a mod to fix this? Is this unpatchable? My immersion is ruined. To quote the Super Best Friends: "You can't patch shit."

Boys and girls, I think I finally understand why the "kill all xenos" is a popular meme here. I'm going to start a new game and I'm going to make this galaxy pure. Any world not inhabited by Humans will burn.

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