It is worth increasing stability?

stellaris 5 - It is worth increasing stability?

According to the Wiki, each point of Stability above 50 adds +0.6% resources from jobs, +0.6% Trade Value and +0.4 immigration pull, which seems to me to be significant enough to be worth investing, I mean, 100% stability means, +30% resources from jobs, +30% Trade Value and +20 immigration pull, this is a ridiculous bonus!!! its the biggest bonus on resources production in the game and would be broken, if stability were not so difficult to increase.

here is the deal, a normal planet with plenty of housing and amenites, every pop on social wellfare, will run on 60-ish to 70-ish stability, the biggest factor here is approval, which depends on, mostly happiness, which depends on habitability, events and factions, this can vary a lot, so let's assume the worst and say 60% stability is the default for a healthy planet, how to get the extra 40%? (which represents +24% resources from jobs)

You will get a +10% or +5 percent if the game difficulty is set to Cadet or Ensign, but that is for kids.


Negotiate with Crime Lords decision +10% with no downside and super esay to get on every planet, is mandatory.

Utopian Dream +5% in the harmony tradition tree, normaly players go for the harmony tree as 3rd or 4th option, so eventually any way.

Deep Space Black Site starbase building +5%, not everyone build a starbase on every populated system, but i do, so i'm counting this one


Ok, half way throu, now where we get the final 20% stability I need? well, I want the most generalist way possible to generete stability, sacrificing has minimun has possible of my ethics, civics and freedom in play stely, so I find no better option then the Byzantine Bureaucracy Civic, among all options, for me, this is the best solution and plus, is already part of my favorite mid-game civic combination any way, when i get the extra civic slot:

Technocracy + Byzantine Bureaucracy + Citzen Service, this turn a empire of any size in a Unity vomiting machine

Sure, i could go psionic acession to get the stability from special leaders trais, necrons has two buildings that does the job… could even go pacifist or full on comunism with Shared Burdens civic and The Greater Good resolution on level 5, but all of this options are situational and limit the type of empire one can build.

Only Byzantine Bureaucracy let me get all the stability i want and still play with a wide variety of empires, need to sacrifice 2-4 building slots on every planet, but i will need to build Administrative Offices and Parks somewhere, at lest I get a good amount of Unity out of it.

So, what you think, is there a better way? or only bureaucracy can save my soul from the min/max nightmare?

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