It’s funny how this game can take over your mind

stellaris 3 - It's funny how this game can take over your mind

So last night I went to bed reflecting on my preferred play style and realised just how scary it would be as a citizen of a competing empire.

If i don't make a conscious effort to play different i tend to play tall and go cybernetic ascension. The thing that made me stop and think this though is what eventually happens to the other empires, I realised that I am basically playing a subversive assimilatior.

In my most recent game i managed to get a defensive pact with a neighbouring empire , which helped me deter the robotic hive between us to stop invading long enough for two of us to form a trade league and eventually bring the Silcon is as the muscle. From there we consolidated our corner of the galaxy and became the Council of the Galactic Community.

I then decided that an empire on the edge of our collective border 'needed protection', when they refused the offer i showed them why and the three of us curb-stomped them into submission, yay a vassal! After 10 years they where happily integrated into my empire at which point they where given shiny new robot bodies and they stopped being and became Empyrean, i named a section of ring world after their capital for a laugh. As soon as i had 'fixed' their planets i repeated the same with their neighbours, then again with the guys to my North. Roughly every 15 years an empire and is species vanish and i replace them but no-one bats an eye and each time i just get stronger and stronger. I am at the point where i can overrule the entire galactic community including the other council memebers.


So in essence imagine you have a 'Grand Council' in the own federation led by robots backed up by a militant hive mind who are slowly replacing everyone with robots and everyone is happy, it might come for you next!

It's in the 2360's (i think) i own almost half the galaxy and just as i am about to decide on my next target only to find everyone else has joined a Hegemony to fight us so i hold back a month to prepare for a three font war, at which point i realise i forgot to set the war policy as 'President Decides' because just as the dam spiritualist fallen empire awaken the Silcrons decide to declare war on the Hegemony whilst I'm about a month away from integrating the last victim. The vote somehow passes and I have had to pull fleets to fight the awoken leaving the others to hold back half a universe and failing… It is a total mess and instead of working I'm spending all day trying to plan how to fix this save before the end game crisis (which is probably the contingency at this point).

I love this game

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