I’ve now realized: It only costs Minerals to replace a Building (or a District)

stellaris 6 - I've now realized: It only costs Minerals to replace a Building (or a District)

I've been playing 2.2 since it came out, but I've only now fully realized the truth of this:

  • That it costs only Minerals to replace a Building (or a District) with another one.

Perhaps it sounds banal; but it took me over two months to grok.

I guess the cause of my disinclination to replace Buildings (not so much Districts) is that I've been playing pre-2.2 for almost two and a half years, and so the instincts from the Tiles system have become deeply ingrained in me.

In part that Minerals are precious (no longer true – I'm almost always swimming in them, trying desperately to sell them to the Internal or Galactic Market, but only getting a painfully shitty price for them, or trying to offload them on AI empires to "purchase friendship" or to "renew fading friendship"; now in 2.2 the "true" "economic metric" is how many Alloys you can swing per month), and that each POP works on a Tile and so if you replace the Building under the POP, you have to replace it with a new Building that also suits that POP (e.g. it might be a Robotic POP) and in many cases the Tile will slightly dictate to you what you're to use it for via its bonus (Tiles no longer have bonuses in 2.2, seeing as they don't exist), which is also no longer relevant at all.

So my realization is really that it's perfectly okay to have, say, an Alloys Foundry for 5 or 10 or 15 years, or even less than 5 years, but then replace it with a Research Lab, as your needs change.


Or you can build an extra Civilian Industries and have it for a very limited time, in order to build up a stockpile of Consumer Goods, and then replace it with something else after 2 or 3 years (boosting your stockpile by 288 or 432 Consumer Goods).

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During the replacement process, the old Building continues to function and provide its Jobs until the process completes.

There are potential problems, although they're very minor:

For instance, you need a good supply of Minerals. Usually you have that (in 2.2 the "constraint on activity" is very much Alloys), but it's not always guaranteed, and secondly you might screw up the Jobs situation with regards to POPs being somewhat better suited for some Jobs than others, like Droids or POPs with Intelligent, but it's really extremely minor compared to pre-2.2. Most POPs can do most Jobs, and when POPs do have bonuses to certain Jobs they're small in magnitude.


Up until now, although I've been very fond of both Robot Assemblies and Gene Clinics, to get more POPs faster, I've always waited for a new slot to become empty, especially very early game on my Capital planet. But that's not actually necessary. As soon as I have two Alloy Buildings or two Labs (but not always 2 Civilian Industries, since Consumer Goods shortages can be a real problem, especially for someone like me who don't really stockpile them) I have something that I can replace with a Robot Assembly or a Gene Clinic without hesitation, as soon as I get the Tech.

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