Just because we CAN doesn’t mean we SHOULD

stellaris 5 - Just because we CAN doesn't mean we SHOULD

So, I really enjoy reading some of the stories that come out of people playing experience, and I thought I would share one of mine.

To set the stage: My empire was the Porothian Discovery Union (science space foxes), fanatic materialist and authoritarian. Guiding principle: If we can, we will (dangerous tech will be researched and used!) Medium 4-arm spiral galaxy. This was my first game in a long time (last game was pre-2.0), and I had just purchased Apocalypse/distant start/synthetic dawn/lithoids on the summer sale.

Things started out well, I had read a bit on the mechanic changes, so expansion was pretty fast. I ended up with a pretty good chunk of the galaxy by the time borders solidified, but I didn't have a gateway in my space, which I really wanted. Next door was a slaving despot, and look, a gateway around a black hole! Equivalent across the board? Sounds good. War dec! I let my fleet hide just long enough for him to send his fleet at my star fortress, then pounced. Lost some ships, but spanked his fleet enough to give me the initiative. Since I only claimed systems with no planets (basically in a line to the gate) I was able to secure the peace pretty easily at that point.

Now I have a gateway! Huh? L gate? Meh, close enough.

Continue on with research, a couple more wars against the slavers, and we settle into the mid game with 6 empires (including me), and two Fallen empires. I control probably 20% of the galaxy at this point, with the other five empires grouped into 2 federations and split 40/40.


Hey look! We researched enough that we can activate the L gate! Should we? Dumb question, of course we do! Grey Tempest, what's th….. uh oh. OK, well, they are going through the other gates first, so let's fortify the L gate and prepare to hit the cluster and take out the factory system thingy (technical term). I'm sure the galaxy can get a handle on the tempest fleets, they aren't THAT big.

Then I start getting notifications about refugees arriving, and I notice that there are some rather large holes in the other empire's space. That's a little disconcerting, but more pop equals more economy! Refugees welcome!

Crap, planets are getting really full. OK, let's build more colony ships and make some room. Within five years of opening the L-gate my economy has shifted entirely from building the cluster invasion fleet to 100% building to support the incoming refugees.

"The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy" I never truly understood until now.

Finally, after 25 or 30 years, the galaxy consists of the two fallen empires, and me. All because I decided that can = should.

On the bright side, once I secured the cluster my empire experienced a golden age of expansion (and rolled over the FE's with little problem).

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