Just finished my first full game…a few changes that ought to go in a future patch

stellaris 1 - Just finished my first full game...a few changes that ought to go in a future patch

Hey folks,

Let me preface by stating that as someone who's only put about 120 hours in, I'm probably still "new" compared to a lot of folks, so much of what I'm going to say has probably been done to death. But I might find out some interesting things along the way.

  1. Mothballing fleets: Why the hell can't we do this? It's a fu*king scary galaxy out there. I'm still laughing my butt off at the fact that my empire, the only pacifists in the whole galaxy, had to be the one to go out and kick the Unbidden in the d*ck when no one else was bothering…discounting the rather pathetic efforts by the "Benevolent Peacekeepers" AE. But it was really heartbreaking to scale down my fleet and slag a bunch of expensive battleships so I could finally get back to my proper Naval capacity…because there was no way in hell I felt like going after a 1.5 million point fleet that was left over after I killed the portal. Really, is it so much to ask for a reasonable cost in time and resources to both mothball and re-commission fleets? Or other limitations, like you have to put them in at a higher level starbase with two or more Anchorages, etc?

  2. On a related note, a horrifically expensive weapon that carried staggering opinion costs for usage would also be a nice option…something where you point it at a single system, and then that entire single system is dead; like an expensive mega torpedo that makes a sun go nova. That would solve my current issue of "I don't feel like dealing with that 1.5 million point Unbidden fleet that's left over."

  3. Habitats. My grand idea of creating a "mini Science Nexus" STARTED off well enough. I was generating about 140 points of all three sciences a month, but then wammo, it cuts me off at the 40 person limit, because I could only have 4 research districts and 4 living districts. I was dealing with a lot of temporary overpopulation and unemployment because of all the refugees pouring in, and they decided that a special purpose research hab was a better place to live than the RINGWORLD THAT IS MY EMPIRE'S CAPITAL! But why can't I build commerce buildings or luxury apartments on a hab? I can build them on a planet, and I can build hydroponic farms on a planet (or did they finally change that wiuth the new patch? I got the Cybrex ringworld so early I never bothered to check, because I pump out massive amounts of food). If we can create an ecumenopolis on a planet now, we should be able to pull a high-density "City of a Thousand Planets" style habitat off.

  4. Sentry Arrays: I worry that perhaps these might be a little OP? I mean, it was really great being able to spy on everyone no matter what, but it felt a little too easy to build and maintain, for what was essentially an unblinking and unerring panopticon. Maybe a repeatedly upgradable technology that blocks out certain levels of SentryVision ™ at different strengths? Like you need a fully upgraded jammer to offset a fully upgraded Array, and the range is still limited?

  5. Can we make Chemical Bliss….I don't know? More useful? Maybe I'm just not skilled or creative enough, but it seems to me that unless you can adjust standards of living on a planet by planet level, and not JUST species, it causes more trouble than it's worth. I want to put those damn slaves to work right away, not bliss them out and have them eating up resources while I wait for their precious hurt fee-fees at being conquered to be soothed. On the other hand, I suppose a large penal colony with CB is just too powerful. Or maybe I should look into nerve-stapling, but that strikes me as such a late game option…

  6. I'm actually shocked at how easy it is to "build tall" and have it work super well. I drew my boundaries in the first 25 years, so that I could "reserve" systems. I then let those systems lay fallow for a good long time, sometimes even centuries, and only slowly exploited them as the need arose. But it's now the year 2610, and I have not had to expand my borders since I completed them in 2230

  7. Starbase power appears capped at 40-50k, but maybe I'm just not building them right. I appreciate that, but as a pacifist empire, I spent a lot of resources and effort constructing my empire so that there were only singular hyperlanes into my territory, which were then guarded by "watchtower" stations. But I was so popular and liked, no one ever felt like invading, so….that's good, sure. I feel like maybe pacifists – especially fanatical pacifists – should be given a special bonus to make starbases much more powerful, in lieu of not being able to build much in the way of fleets.

Anyhow, I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting but this is just off the top of my head. I look forward to learning a bunch of stuff I missed out on or otherwise didn't know how to fully exploit, if anyone ends up contributing.

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