Just got back into stellaris after quite awhile; wanted to share a story about the beginning of my first game.

stellaris 1 - Just got back into stellaris after quite awhile; wanted to share a story about the beginning of my first game.

I haven’t played since pre-Utopia so there’s a lot of new things to take in, but I’m having a blast. I wanted to share with you all the early stages of my first campaign.

Background and head-canon

I’m playing as space Rome, which is pretty cliche. However, I’ve put my own twist on space Rome…. Migration Period Space Rome!!! I made a bunch of custom civs to represent a bunch of the real life tribes that invaded Rome and set the to forced spawn. I’ve got space Goths, space Saxons, space Sarmatians, space Avars, space Burgundians, space Lombards, space Norse, and space Franks and space Vandals and space Huns and space Celts. It’s great. All the Germanic tribes are space orcs, the Huns are some freakishly weird thing I found, the Celts are space dwarves, and the Romans are just boring humans.

Anyways, here’s my space Rome set up

Traits: settled, deviant, natural engineers, quick learners, quarrelsome, vanquished empire (from Zenith if Fallen Empires mod)

Government: Imperial – martial, authoritarian, spiritual

Civics: cutthroat politics, Imperial cult


My idea was to play as a fallen empire Rome and reconquer the galaxy that I used to own. I downloaded a few mods like Zenith of Fallen Empires to facilitate this, and I started on a ring world to show how the knowledge and glory of space Rome had been lost over time. I even got an event (from the mod I presume) about finding and recovering the lost colonies. Soissons, if you’re out there, I’m coming for you buddy. And Byzantium, I’ll come get you too. In my head canon universe, Constantinople fell to the space ostro goths and is their new home world, which they renamed to something suitably barbaric, Konstanja, which orbits the star Traka. I also used the displaced starts mod to simulate all these tribes losing their original homelands and migrating into Space Roman territory.

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After a bit of exploration, I found that I had spawned next to an advanced start machine intelligence race. I role played this as a rebellious AI that had revolted and took over large parts of my homelands (the Italic sector). I built a fleet of corvettes and some legions and fought for several years, eventually crushing the rebellion and declaring martial law on the recaptured planets while the rogue AI machines are being rounded up and scrapped. So, with the rebellion crushed, it’s time to go retake the provinces. Deus Vult!

Tldr; I’m getting back into Stellaris as Space Rome and I’m having a blast.

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