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stellaris 1 - L-Gate PSA

So with Federations coming tomorrow, many of us are starting new games. One of the more annoying features of Distant Stars is that the dice roll for what's in the L-Cluster happens at the very start of said game, but there's no telling what it is until you put all the effort into opening it.

Well, here's a way to check what's behind the gate before you get anywhere in your game. (this applies to the current patch, but unless they seriously change how this is handled I don't think it will be any different in Federations)(WARNING: does mess with save files, but unless you want to change what's in the L-Gate you only need to look at the files)

  1. Start the game and create an offline save (this method requires editing/looking at the save, so make several or do one on the cloud to be safe)
  2. Go to your save folder (usually C:UsersUSERDocumentsParadox InteractiveStellarissave games)
  3. find the save you just created (should be in a folder with your empire name
  4. Copy the save and change the file extension from ".sav" to ".zip" (the .sav files are just compressed folders, so the rename just tells the system how to open the file without changing anything)
  5. Inside the zip there's two files, meta and gamestate. Extract gamestate somewhere outside the zip (can just drag and drop in the default Windows compressed file viewer)
  6. Open up the gamestate file you extracted (it's in plain text (XML), so notepad works. Notepad++ will make viewing more friendly)
  7. search for the global flags section (should be right below "galaxy_radius", search for that, "game_started" or one of the values below to find it quickly)
  8. In the global flags, you should see one of the following
    1. dragon_season=62808000 –> your L-Cluster has the L-Drakes
    2. gray_goo_empire_set=62808000 –> your L-Cluster has the Dessanu Consonance
    3. gray_goo_crisis_set=62808000 –> your L-Cluster has the Gray Tempest
    4. none of the above –> your L-cluster is empty

If you don't like what you got, you can also swap out your value with one of the others/add one in to change the result. Just put gamestate back in the zip after you edit it (override the existing one) and rename it back to a .sav file. So far as I can tell nothing gets affected by the choice until the L-Gate opens so I was able to change it all the way up to when the gate actually opens and it was fine and took effect.

Hope this helps!

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