Last of our Kind

stellaris 2 - Last of our Kind

(So something happened in my last Stellaris game that the writer in me just had to make a story about, this is the result of it.)

Esseks sat nervously in the ship as it broke through the atmosphere of the planet, fidgeting through the mass of paperwork he had and the passport he carried. He wasn't the only Cevanti on the ship for it was packed with many others like him, most of them were also fidgeting through the paperwork and passports they needed to enter the Rak-Rak world of Ghass V'khan. There were a few that weren't as nervous as the rest, instead staring down at their paperwork with dead expressions hoping to wake up from what had to be a nightmare.

Esseks certainly wished it was a nightmare. If the ship had been delayed by just an hour…

'No, don't think about it.'

The ship suddenly lets out a shudder, the faint humming of the engine going silent as the cabin was filled with the nervous murmurs of the Cevanti waiting with bated breath.

"…Attention, Cevanti," A speaker crackled to life, "The ship has now landed, please stand and prepare to disembark. As you exit the ship form into a single file line and allow the passport inspectors to look over your paperwork and passports."

Esseks stood up on shaky legs with everybody else trying to form a plan on what to do once he got past the inspectors. It was no secret that Ghass V'khan had a thriving Cevanti community already established so all he needed to do was find the Cevanti Quarter and hope one of the native Cevanti would take enough pity on him to allow him to stay at their house for a while, at least until he could get enough credits to stand on his own two feet.

If none wished to take him maybe he could find a Rak-Rak to live under? They have already allowed the Cevanti to live here so why wouldn't they? With any luck their Emperor might already know what happened to Orus and prepared something.

With a hiss the large cargo doors of the ship open and gently slide down allowing for a Rak-Rak to trot into the cabin. A large alien that walked on three slabs with skin that looked similar to rock, various eye-stalks poked out of it's head independently surveying the nervous Cevanti as it moved. Just behind the hulking rock was a Cevanti native to Ghass V'khan, while having the same blue scales like all other Cevanti, Esseks could tell that he was a native from his slight accent.

"Do as the speaker says, we'll try to get through all of your paperwork and passports as quickly as possible!"

Esseks and the rest of the Cevanti shuffle out of the ship and into the spaceport of Ghass V'khan, forming into a single line that went past several Rak-Rak and Cevanti guards, to where several passport inspectors sat in waiting.

Just as the native Cevanti said it went pretty quick as Esseks was soon facing the Rak-Rak that was meant to look over his passport. With a gulp, Esseks hands everything to the Rak-Rak, still thinking about what to do after getting through.

"I heard about what happened to Orus," The Rak-Rak grumbles; quickly going through his paperwork, "Been playing on the news all morning. Can't say I'll never know what grieving you're going through, but I'm sorry for what happened."

Esseks opens his mouth to speak only for his throat to suddenly feel like a desert, emotions welling up inside of him that he quickly suppresses for now. All that he could muster to the Rak-Rak was a chocked:

"Don't be."

The Rak-Rak doesn't saying anything else after that, simply stamping an 'APPROVED' onto his passport and handing it back to him.


"Go down the hall and you'll find a guard waiting for you," It informs him, "They'll lead you to where you'll be staying and giving you your employment."

So they did know what happened and managed to quickly prepare.

Esseks nods and head down the hall where he finds a Rak-Rak waiting for him. As he approaches the Rak-Rak turns to him and looks him over.


It then turns around and starts walking away. Esseks quickly follows the Rak-Rak into the street and down the sidewalk.

"Uh, how far is it?" He asks.

"Not too far."

Walking down the street the two of them soon past by a large screen where a crowd of Cevanti and Rak-Raks have gathered to watch the words that were rolling across the screen. Accompanying the words was a video of a planet now shattered into pieces, still glowing red hot from the force of the collapse from within.

"Orus, the capital of the Cevanti Empire has been destroyed by a mysterious geological event. All 39 billion Cevanti on Orus have perished with only a few survivors escaping. The Cevanti Empire has collapsed with it."

Esseks quickly looks down and speeds up, emotions swirling within him. He thankfully didn't have any living family but the lost of the Cevanti's home has struck all of the surviving Cevanti deeply. They now had no empire, no home, no planet to call their own.

'How could the Gods allow this to happen?'

The Rak-Rak leads Esseks to a strange crystalline building and inside of it, taking him up several stories to a small apartment space. There was some furniture that was oversized compared to a Cevanti along with an oversized 'bed' that could be classified more as a large nest made from various rocks and then filled with their version of bedding. No kitchen as well but that was to be expected as the Rak-Raks didn't have to eat.

"This is all the Emperor could provide at such short notice," The guard informs Esseks as he looks around at his room, "Until we can provide better accommodations this is where you'll be staying free of charge, and we'll try to get a kitchen in soon. The Emperor has also provided you with a job at the local farm nearby where you'll get free food along with 30 credits an hour."

Esseks looks back at the guard in surprise. The Rak-Raks could have not let them in, allowing them to drift through the void until they ultimately met their fate in the cold darkness, but they had allowed them in, gave them free housing and a job, and was even giving them free food, a concept that the Rak-Raks didn't understand very well.

All of this combined with grief, Esseks could no longer suppress his emotions any longer. Letting out a wail he throws himself at the Rak-Rak and latches onto one of it's legs, letting his tears flow at the anguish and grief of everything that has befallen his people.

The Rak-Rak just stands there for the moment. As living beings Rak-Raks had emotions like every other living thing but didn't show it as much or as dramatically as others. Unsure of what to do, the Rak-Rak simply raises a leg and awkwardly pats Esseks on the back.

(Some context here; in my most recent game the Rak-Raks, the race I created, ran into the Cevanti as our first race to run into. I quickly noticed that the Cevanti had the Doomsday origin and had no habitable planets besides the one they started with. I made a goal to get a migration pact with them so some Cevanti could survive in my empire instead of all dying with their only planet. Cause of this, 6 pops of Cevanti have survived and are currently living within my borders safely.)

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