Late game micro could be reduced by allowing the player to group nearby planets into “Integrated Systems” that share pops, building slots, districts, ameneties, garrison and crime.

stellaris 6 - Late game micro could be reduced by allowing the player to group nearby planets into "Integrated Systems" that share pops, building slots, districts, ameneties, garrison and crime.

I would like to preface this by saying that I'm very optomistic that the changes being introduced in the upcoming Nemisis Update will greatly mitigate late game micro, especially the decision to decouple builiding slots from population ( to allow "pre-building". Nonetheless I'd still like to offer a suggestion for discussion and likely criticism.

The unit of Management in stellaris is the Planet, which is fine in the early and mid game however as the late game rolls around the amount of micromangement can get very laborious. There are tools to somewhat alleviate micromanagement with things like auto pop migration and Sector Automation however I'd like to offer an alternative that keeps the player in control and reduces the number of independent construction decisions that need to be made.

After researching some kind of Late-Game Technology ( e.g Miniturised Gateways ), the player would then have the option to merge planets that are within the same sector into things that are managed as a single planet-like entities that I'll refer to as "Integrated Systems". These entities would have access to all the district and build slots of their constituent planets in addition to a base pop growth rate proportional to the number of constituent planets. Army and Building Construction queues could also be parallelised according to the number of planets. To reduce clutter it would replace the individual planets in the outliner with a single entry.

With regards to Invasion and devastation an integrated system would also behave similar to a single planet. Devestation however would be capped according to how many planets in the system are being bombarded. Upon Invasion, the garrison of the whole Integrated System is engaged and if the invasion is not repelled then the whole system and its assosciated worlds are occupied.


As the scale of the game increases from a handful of worlds to a galaxy spanning civilization it makes sense for a larger Unit of Management to Emerge. The creation of Integrated Systems can lorewise be justified as interstellar travel and infrastructure maturing to the point where travel between planets is as easy, routine and ubiqutious as travel between cities on a single planet. Stargate style Gateways could be imagined that would allow citizens to live on Mars and commute to their day(?) job on Alpha Centauri station.

Integrated Systems would introduce an extra layer of abstraction that is natural given the in-game technologies and increasing scale of the game. It would greatly streamline the construction of buildings and raising of armies. Additionally although the AI wouldn't need to utilize this feature, if it did it would greatly streamline conquest as the Integrated systems could be captured whole in a single large invasion instead of capturing individual planets and habitats in many small invasions. Ultimately this suggestion is an attempt to make it so the number of things showing up in the outliner stays relatively small and managable. If 50 or so planets and habitats can be condensed into 10 Integrated Systems that would be a massive improvement in terms of for comprehension and management.

I will admit there are certainly short comings of this idea, here are a few that I think are solvable but that I don't currently have convincing solution for:

-How would Individual planet modifiers be handled?

-How would this work with special planet types such as an ecumonopolis, ring world, Habitats or Thrall Worlds?

-What would happen if a Planet is destroyed by a Planet Cracker?

-How does habitability factor into this?

-Would the game lose more than it gains by having diverse and specialized worlds Homogenized into Integrated Systems?

Thanks for reading, I'd be interested to hear any suggestions or criticism

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