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Legends United Gamers Discord

Hey everyone, we have slowly been progressing and adding more and more content on our server which enhances the base gameplay of stellaris without modifications of any sort, we use a sort of Plugin based Bot that runs in the background that calculates player score and prints out experience after each game, You rank up based on experience earned, and every game you play thats integrated on the server allowed you to progress through the Empire Tiers.

We wanted to create a community where there would be friendly competition to see who could reach the top. We have a Leaderboards, a Bounty system which you can hunt players down with bounty's on their heads for extra reward endgame, we have a morality system which defines what type of player you are and the relations that AI share towards you.

We have several Campaign game modes where you take on Ultimate Evils and their offspring while working with each other or against one another. Remember every mode is always a competition to be the best and some modes you can work with each other to come out on top. We wanted people to be able to create their own stories within the Legends Universe as we have dozens of specialized races that can only be discovered through our matches.

We host multiple servers of different games daily so if you ever bore of stellaris take on the Bot in different games we have integrated, we are always adding more content and more gametypes and modes based on player preference. Balancing is something we take very seriously in most of our gametypes but there is specialized game types where evil players can play evil factions while only good players can play good factions, persay.


Anyways we are a Family Friendly community and we respect all Cultures and peoples from all over the world, we try out best to host for all time zones and if you ever need to make a request never fail to ask for an extension etc if you cant make the game, we have a very friendly community that will go the extra mile to make newcomers feel welcome, Of course we have our own sillyness here and there but who doesnt.

Anyways, We hope you will come by and participate in our games, as I eagerly await to see what kind of empire you will become, and what Legends you will leave behind.
Discord Link Below to join us, you must be Integrated and be assigned a Level be sure to pick a username that you like because it will be your username for the whole time during your time at Legends, of course you can always make requests for name changes before database updates and we can get it done for you anytime 🙂 Have a fantastic day who ever you are, and hope to see you in the battle for the universe.

Legends United Gamers

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