Let’s talk space battles; corvette spam is the way to go

stellaris 3 - Let's talk space battles; corvette spam is the way to go

Hi guys!

So I know I might be a minority in this sub… but the reason that I play Stellaris is because I love fighting super huge intergalactic wars and I am a big fan of cool space battles and strategy/manuevering in general. I have quite a few issues with the combat in Stellaris but I want to highlight one today and it is about the ship classes and designs. I will not be taking into account any mods for this post.

My biggest issue with ship classes is how corvettes are by far the strongest vessels that you can build. When you start a game they are your standard ship, you can research destroyers and cruisers and at first they are interesting to create because you can tailor them to track and destroy corvettes effciently. The start of the game has an interesting arms race and your technology choices have a big impact on how you are able to build your ships to counter your enemy. I love this part, very interesting and dynamic.

Once you get to the mid game you will have battleships and you will start building towards titan tech. Battleships absolutely destroy cruisers and destroyers if you build them with for instance kinetic artillery. However, battleships get destroyed by corvettes with their high evasion. Cruisers and destroyers become more and more useless as the game goes on. They don't have the evasion that the corvette offer, and they don't have the firepower that the battleships offer. They are not cost efficient in any battles because of this.

So what do you end up building? One or two big artillery fleets with titans and fleet auras, and the rest is full on corvette. The corvettes are fast and mobile, extremely useful in big wars. They offer crazy firepower if you arm them with torpedos and will make quick work of any battleship fleet. They can engage and swarm the enemy fleets while your artillery fleets lie safely in the back of the system shelling the enemy fleets. Your battleships will make quick work of any cruisers or destroyers that might have been designed to counter corvettes.


This brings me to an issue related to this, which is the ship design. Corvettes need 90% evasion, depending on what tech you have available there are different ways you can achieve that. But it is not a hard thing to do, you will always have 90% evasion corvettes in the late game. Arming your corvettes with armored torpedos and disruptors will allow them to bypass any armor and shields and immediately destroy the hull of enemy ships. This is crazy strong. Torpedo corvettes deal an initial burst of damage that immediately disables enemy ships and gives you the edge. On the other hand battleships with small and medium weapons are near useless, you never want them up close against any corvettes – then you've already lost. So what is the way to go? Build them with max range, put kinetic artillery in them with some X weapon in front and tadaaa. The perfect battleship design (same goes for titans of course). I have experimented with different designs but nothing has been as practical as these designs.

So to sum it all up… Destroyers and cruisers are useless outside of the early game. Corvettes are too strong due to their evasion. Ship designs are binary and there are few choices you can make. All of this makes the space battles very un-dynamic.

What is your opinion about all this? What would be possible solutions?

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