Liberation Wars – Or My Time As A Pacifist Warmongerer

stellaris 7 - Liberation Wars - Or My Time As A Pacifist Warmongerer

My last game I was a democratic crusader, hellbent on bringing democracy (and maybe communism) to all despots of the galaxy.
That didn't work all that well. I encountered another empire really early but they were democratic. Maybe not egalitarian but still. So I got friendly with them and left them alone.
Then I expanded in the other direction – for about a hundred years. There was just no one there and by the time I found another empire I had become so big I spent all my time on bunkering down and managing my empire.

So this time I played the exact opposite: Irenic Monarchy. Pacifist, fanatical authoritarian. And what do you know – the first empire I encountered were democratic crusaders!
Now, I have played pacifist before, I know how it goes: While you are peacefully expanding and researching techs the militarists build a massive army, join forces with other empires and fifty years in they crush you completely. But not this time. Even if I didn't want to I needed to go to war – to a Liberation War to make them peaceful through force.

I kicked my alloy production into overdrive (militarized economy was active from the start of the game for some reason), got 20 corvettes and 6 assault armies and declared war.
Our border was two systems wide; I invaded over one border but they were faster and sent a fleet over the other. All the better for me. A fast retreat before I enganged their star base and I could attack their fleet while they were still having trouble with my own star base. A close victory where most of my ships managed to retreat instead of getting destroyed and the momentum was in my favor.
The system I tried to invade had their first colony so now I took that one in earnest after the repairs to my fleet were done. Their capital was right next to it and invading it posed no challenge. Seemingly their fleet had retreated to a shipyard further into their territory.
However, those were their only two colonies at the time. Both were conquered now and Status Quo told me it would create a new empire from the two systems I had taken. So would they just lose all other systems and get completely crippled in the process? I tried it out.
But no… Status Quo is a big, fat liar. A new empire was created but only from their colony, they got to keep their capital.
Well, at least they were set back a bit and less dangerous now?


During the ten years of peace I got the moving battlefield event. This one seems to be really rare; you need to find a battlefield in space and research it with military ships. Since the newly defeated democratic crusaders were the only empire I had encountered I send my fleet into space.
And the reward was marvelous. My 20 corvettes had a battle power of 800. Researching the battlefield gave me a second fleet with a few cruisers, destroyers and corvettes – and a battle power of 1.7k!
So when the peace ran out I declared another Liberation War on the democratic crusaders. They had managed to get two additional colonies; one right next to the liberated system the last war had created, one further away.
With my new and massively overpowered fleet I conquered their capital and the colony closest to me as well as the rest of the cluster those two were in. Surely if I status quod they would be forced to relocate to their second colony, leaving me with a nice buffer of two peaceful empires between them and me?
Nope, once again they got to keep their capital which was now isolated and surrounded by the pathetic, peaceful splinters of their once great empire.

But the AI being the AI rebuild quickly and ten years later they were actually once again starting to become a threat. My pacifist party was hating me but this would be the last time I went to war, super promise. This time I would conquer them completely and force them to be peaceful, dammit.
Thankfully my OP fleet was still not falling behind so war was once again pretty one-sided. Just before I took their last three systems they contacted me and offered peace.
But I have been there before – AI offering peace when they should just surrender are trying to pull a fast one on you and get a Status Quo instead. So I read what they were offering: They would get rid of their current ruler and take on my ethics. Hey, that's exactly what I wanted! Strange that they didn't just surrender but oh, well. I accepted.
The AI is a big, fat liar as well. They stayed democratic crusaders. Maybe they got rid of their old leader – I don't know those xenos all look the same to me. Basically all that happened was them getting the "Liberated" opinion modifier and nothing else. (Not sure if this is a bug.)

But that was it; they had taunted me enough. Once again I poured my resources into alloys and build as large a fleet as I could sustain. After the ten years were over I demanded their vassalisation and went to war over it (which somehow works with "Liberation Wars only"?)
Constantly rebuilding their fleet had weakened them and this time they did not even try to negotiate and just surrendered after I had taken all their planets. Meanwhile their splinter empires had become my vassals on their own probably because of the threat the democratic crusaders presented to them.
So now I had finally done it; I prevented my warmongering neighbors from going to war and brought them under the peaceful wing of my irenic kingdom. By… going to war with them four times in a row.

Well, at least my authoritarian and newly created xenophile parties like me…

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