Little story of how I defeated the Great Khan in 4 years while having the disadvantage in numbers.

stellaris 5 - Little story of how I defeated the Great Khan in 4 years while having the disadvantage in numbers.

4bt2qqjtom131 - Little story of how I defeated the Great Khan in 4 years while having the disadvantage in numbers.

I was playing a game with a spiritualist xenophilic republic and after 100+ years I became the greatest power , only behind fallen empires. I became bored because there wasn’t much I could do in mid game stellaris besides micro managing my planets. I did conquered a few empires but the rest of them were split between two federations, which ment tributaries wasn’t an option. But yesterday I decided to go back and try to do something interesting about it. Just when I was complaining about how nothing interesting had happened in 50 years, Tthe Norani Raiders formed a Khanate.

And thank the Shroud I had just made an extra fleet because I noticed how much more ships I could actually had.

They were really close to my capital, which was at the same time extremly good and bad: I was ale to bring my new fleet, but they could fuck up my empire real fast too. I brought all of my fleets to a system were I had a natural choke point against them, although sacrifacing a few systems to them to take. I was extremly scared, because although I had the technology edge, they had the numbers by far and my most powerful fleet (the Ghost Division as you can see on screen, a name they earned stomping an enemy empire in the past) was on the other side of the empire 750 days away.

But they didn’t attack me. Not at first, they did take the systems I abandoned by destroying them, but then they didn’t dare to attack me at my fortress, and they instead retired. Quickly I advanced to avoid that any of their contruction ships could claim those systems as their own as I left my second most powerful fleet on another choke point on a system called Naos (where I hadn’t done the first stand because I didn’t bothered making there a fortress, mainly because I was stupid).

Now, apparently, there were two kinds of navies in the Khanate, first kind didn’t leave their homeland, as they had been there since the start of the game, but the second kind were the ones that salvaged our land, which meant that, despite having a 40k fleet right next to my stand, they only atacked with a max combined force of 30k (2 of 15K) while I had 2 navies of 15K aprox and some mercenaries of 9k. They did some hurtful attacks, but they had the worst part while I only lost a few vessels every fight, and to increase the good news, I had the Ghost Division on the field.


But I was still uneasy, on one part because one of their neighbours did a suicide charge and the other had already surrendered after losing 4 planets. On the other hand, because I knew that if they moved at the same time all of their vessels to my choke point on an unclaimed system, I would most centainly die, but now I really was scared. I had sent my second most powerful fleet to repair 90 days away, but the fleet of the Khan herself was now approaching. There were only two of their fletes coming, but I really didn’t have much edge in numbers, and the Khan was a great commander with extremely good vessels.

And the combat started between my fleets and theirs, and although the Ghost Division, first one to arrive, had suffered greatly in numbers, a third of their numbers, the reinforments arrived in time and the Khan’s ship was destroyed, although she had escaped.

And thus the third and last stage of the war began, as I sent Brand new vessels to my damaged fleets, preparing an offensive against their homeland, in order to cripple their force and make some time for my new allies (that I made out of fear of the Khan). But the allies dind’t arrived to help, not even the federation fleets.

But just as I ordered all of my fleets to attack the most weak of the enemy’s systems, the Khan made another announcement, after her defeat against the only one who actually stood against her, she reformed her fleet and was going to make another attack.

I prepared for my last stand against her, and rallied all of my fleets in the system called Naos, where I now had a fortress, and decided to rename it Gallipoli, as it was going to be the enemy’s defeat. The Khan attacked with great might, and destroyed a couple of my best battleships, but all of their vessels had been defeated, leaving all of my force against the Khan’s flagship, that stood for weeks until it was finally destroyed.

Now this is possibly the funniest part, after her defeat, first of all, I left the federation, for they did nothing to help me when I most needed it; second I did the attack I had planned before their counter offensive, destroying a system, although I had time for nothing more, for a second Khanate had emerged, although as a shadow of its past, having a pathetic status against me.

I was shocked to see that they only had a -30 of relationships with me, so I did everything I could to turn them into a vasal, and to my surprise, some k’s of energy and food later and a guarantization of Independence, I did it. And that, my xenos, is how you defeat the Great Khan.

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