Logbook of the Holy Human Empire – Roleplay stories – Part 2

stellaris 8 - Logbook of the Holy Human Empire - Roleplay stories - Part 2

2271.08.15 God Emperor Svetlana Yamato is dead. This truly is a sad day, she lived over a hundred years and now her body shall be sealed in the Temple of Divinity at the Capital. A Day of mourning, thankfully now Saint Yu Yamato will be able to perform the sacred ceremony and embrace divinity within her, protecting all of humanity and giving birth to God Emperor Yu Yamato. The new heir will be Saint Kwanale Yamato a breve and warlike man. Hopefully he will perform well his sacred duties as saint.

Oh, what a change, unlike a week before today I celebrate because we finally got to listen to our Divine God Emperor Yu Yamato give humanity a new mission. We will grasp the stars, mine the asteroids and colonize a new planet. This will be the beginning of glory for the Holy Human Empire. Praise be Yu Yamato. This day could not be better, as it also marks our arrival to Ibloranda: the first uncharted star my eyes see. I’m one of the first humans to see this beautiful Class A Star, with its calm white blue hue of light this must be a good sign from the God Emperor that the path for the rest of our lives is one of holy men and women.

2273.05.11 In the star Markaz I finally got a view of the space ameba, what a horrible beast. Could have sent its flagella after us, thankfully we are blessed by the God Emperor. As protocol we have sent a distress signal to the navy, hopefully soon we will return to Markaz to dissect the corpses of those horrible aliens.


I feel so conflicted…the year is 2277. Our ship found a mysterious relic of an unknown dimension. After closer inspection we found out it is an alien vessel which could be used as a science ship. The crew was divided, destroy the heathen alien vessel, or embrace a divine gift to pursue even further into more unknown stars. So we waited from a message from the God Emperor… and said message has arrived: the ship is divine, and a fifth pilgrimage shall start in it. So some of the crew must now begin their journey and we must depart. A glorious moment for the Holy Human Empire, but a sad one for me because Anaya Upadhyay, my wife has been chosen to command and captain this vessel. We grew so close together in these eleven years in the ship. Yet she did not hesitate a second to accept the mission. I asked if I could join the new crew, but was denied. I would only be a distraction for Captain Anaya whose name now belongs to history. Not I, who now must remain in the Trailblazer, more alone than ever before. This departure hurts more than when I left Sagrada Tierra. I don’t feel like writing this log anymore.

Many years layer Captain Upadhyay regrets not her decision to travel in this most holy of ships with the blessing of the God Emperor

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