(Long ass post!) Attack on Titan and Dead Space inspired Mod Idea

stellaris 8 - (Long ass post!) Attack on Titan and Dead Space inspired Mod Idea

Just a little idea of mine

A mod that got inspired by the Attack On Titan series and Dead Space

As you explore, you will come across the Barren world (planet appearance) and will be a Class 6 Anomaly event Chain that will give you large rewards or end in Devastation, creating a mini endgame crisis

The Anomaly is about a alien message which says "Warning to all ships, do not approach the planet and avoid it at all costs, the world has fallen under a Category 5 Infestation" and you will have to research the Anomaly

After researching the Anomaly, the Planet will reveal itself as a Size 25 Infested World which was encased in a Camoflage System and if you go to surface view, you will see mulitple city ruin tile blockers and mulitple organic Flesh structures known as Titan Holes, Tile Resources will be empty for now. Thousands of lifeforms are present on the planet but is hard to detect due to large amounts of toxic gas

The second event will take place after the planet is revealed, Your science ship that is in orbit will detect a floating satellite that contains mulitple data cores and you have to recover the data, after finish the second event, half of the data will reveal that the Planet was originally a Military Black Site belonging to a extinct precursor race and the Black Site was researching on weapons in the field of Bio Warfare and that the Titan Holes are originally Research Facilities that has now been encased entirely in organic flesh, the Science Ship sents down a Drone, the drone will be destroyed by a unseen creature and that will promt the third event

The Third event, the science ship will come up with a plan to carefully scan the planet with advanced sensors and will need a construction ship, and after the Construction Ship is done researching, the Planet will reveal the Resource Tiles, 30 Physics and Bio and Engineering, but to thier shock the planet is filled with large wandering Titanic lifeforms and that will promt the fourth event

The Fourth event, the science ship will then decode the other half of the Data while a small crew in environment suits will be sent down to the planet, after data is decoded, the ship will reveal the the half of the data which contains a personal memoir of a soldierand will tell the origins of the Creatures and why the planet was sealed off, the Titans were a bio Warfare Experiment using Ancient Artifacts found in the planet, the Experiment was runned by the Special Warfare Branch of extinct Species's Armed Forces but the Experiment when wrong and it became airborne and that resulted in the transformation of the entire planet population, the memoir of the soldier reveals that, subsequent reclamation efforts failed as the Titans were able to regenerate from the worst of injuries and even survive unscathed and continue thier lethargic death Walk while under heavy orbital fire, the sight of the Titans rained down fear on the many soldiers. In massive horror the science ship tried to recall the expedition crew but was too late as they were devoured, but they managed to send back data of the Titans which will promt the Fifth which will be the final depending on choice

Fifth event, Defending the Planet is 5 massive mindless Titan Armies 3 are named "Mindless Terror" and will have 50.00 damage and 180.00 morale damage and is immune to morale based attacks and is also heavily resistant to Orbital Bombardments the other 2 will be named as "Deviant Horror" and will have 120.00 damage and 250.00 morale damage and is also Heavily resistant to Orbital Bombardments, there will be 2 choices abandon the Planet or reclaim the planet


Sixth Event will take place if you choose to reclaim the planet, the (your species) Council will approve the Military's idea of sending a Asteroid to wipe out the Titans and the operation will commence (1 minute) the aftermath will be a failure and the Titans are unscathed which promts the Seventh Event

Seventh Event will take place after the Sixth, the Military will attempt to create a network of solar mirrors which will create intense burning rays of light to Scorch the planet using a construction ship (2 minutes) the result ends in failure as the Titans are unscathed and the planet becomes a Molten World but regenerates back to a Infested World, to the Horror of your species which promts the Eighth Event

Eight Event the Science Ship will scan the planet after it has regenrated as the planet has multiple deep Ravines (2 minutes) the ship will make a horrifying discovery, the Planet itself is a Dormant Creature dubbed as a Brethren Moon, a Planet Titan, and the Artifacts that the Extinct Species used are actually the body parts of the Brethren Moon, the most horrifying discovery is the Brethren Moon will awake from it's hibernation in 10 years time which will promt the final 2 Event

Ninth Event, the Science Ship discovers that the Titans are converging on a Massive Object which is revealed to be one of the many body parts of the Brethren Moon and also the most Sensitive part that allows the Brethren Moon to wake up or sleep, the Military will bombard the Planet (2 minutes) with Incendiary Bombs that will weaken the Titans and that will promt the Tenth Final Event

The Final Event is a Invasion Event, the Military has authorized a full scale assault to fight the Titans while the Science Ship will excavte the Object safely from orbit. You will have to amass a very extremely large army to win, if you win, the Object will be excavated and the Brethren Moon will be Forever Dormant and the Titans defeated and the Planet is yours

Invasion Failure Consequence If the Invasion fails the Brethren Moon will Awake and that will result in the total Destruction of your entire army and the Titans, the Brethren Moon is a Leviathan Boss with 100K Fleet Power and it will go on a massive killing spree across the Galaxy and will stop on Habitable worlds and consuming the planet which will heal the Moon and also enhances the Moon and turning the planet into a Molten World

Build configuration of the Moon (All tier 6) Bio Drive Core Bio Thrusters Core Bio Sensor Core Artillery tactics

12 Bio Armor (equivalent to Dragonscale Armor) 6 Bio Hull (equivalent to Crystaline Hull) 2 Hull Regenration tissue

6 Large Acid Blast 6 Large Scourge Missile 8 Swarm Strikers

Flat 30,000 HP For each planet destroyed the Moon gets a 2X Boost to everything accept for Sublight Speed

Counter will be Hard Armor and Hull and Laser and Plasma and neutron weapons

Now here comes the feedback 😂🤣 Let the nonsense begin! HAHAHA

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