Looking for Feedback: Xenophile Resolutions

stellaris 2 - Looking for Feedback: Xenophile Resolutions

Hello, everyone! Thank you for your help in my previous feedback threads. I would like your help again, this time with feedback on a xenophile-flavored set of resolutions. It is mostly planned out, but I'm still uncertain about some of the effects. I would also be grateful for any name suggestions you can offer.

Group Name: Galactic Cooperation (or Interstellar Relations) Level 1: Mutual Assistance +20% diplomatic weight from pops +1 envoy Members of the galactic community who are experiencing a deficit in a resource will get automatic aid from other members. Other members will be paid in influence for their help - Empires under economic sanctions will not get aid - Spread out so that at higher levels, more valuable resources are shared - First food and minerals, then energy and consumer goods, then motes, gas, and crystals, finally dark matter, zro, and living metal (alloys deliberately excluded) - With level 5 greater good resolution, aid package is larger Level 2: ??? +20% diplomatic weight from pops Mutual Assistance shares energy and consumer goods (Following part of a migration resolution, may move to another level) +15% pop growth from immigration With expanded pops, free migration treaties Without expanded pops, +5% unity per migration treaty (up to +25%, updated yearly) Level 3: ??? +20% diplomatic weight from pops Mutual Assistance shares motes, gas, and crystals (Following part of primitive preservation resolution, may move to level 4) + unity from studying primitives (passive observation gives highest bonus) Uplifting primitives and pre-sapients gives a large lump sum of unity and society research (observation.2000, on_uplift_completion) Unrestricted Studies Native Interference policy banned Using a Colossus on primitive worlds is banned Unlocks cb to free conquered primitives (?) Level 4: ??? +20% diplomatic weight from pops (dispute resolution, may swap with level 3) -25% border friction (country_border_friction_mult) +1 influence when not fighting an offensive war Member can petition to reclaim lost territory from another empire (flags set when systems change hands) - Done through a separate targeted resolution (FROM is proposer) Level 5: Sanctity of Life +20% diplomatic weight from pops Mutual Assistance shares dark matter, zro, and living metal (may move to level 4) (protecting life resolution) Non-Purgers: +5% amenities and unity (may look for a more interesting minor bonus) - If the 4th Greater Good resolution is also active, the above also excludes slavers Purgers: -25% diplomatic weight, -10 stability - If the 4th Greater Good resolution is also active, the above also applies to slavers No Refugees policy banned Hunted and Extermination Pre-Sapients policy banned Unlocks the Stop Atrocities cb, which rescues pops from being purged: imposes no purging policy on victory, rescues some number of pops on status quo - If the 4th Greater Good resolution is also active, the Stop Atrocities cb will also ban slavery and rescue slaves - All wars against homicidal empires automatically rescues purged pops, as long as you yourself are not a purger (or slaver, if the 4th Greater Good resolution is also active) 

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