Loosing with Dignity

stellaris 1 - Loosing with Dignity

So, yall remember my post from earlier about how I think OHM is a great way to play the game? Well I have an update.

So. My Fallen Empire became an Awakened Empire. I was like "Alright, this could be so much fun, let's fuck with em!" Forgetting I had passed the End Game start year….. 40 years ago.

After having a very bloody, 8 year long war, which resulted in my cracking of all the fallen empires planets (they really pissed me off lol), and I recalled my fleets home, to the other side of the galaxy to lick my wounds, and rebuild.

Tick tock…. Goes the clock….. For the Tu Empire….

Suddenly, because the AI was building robots, a mechanical uprising happened.

"Fuck em… it doesnt concern me." Is what I said as I wiped the notification off the alerts tab. What harm could happen, right?


What my dumb ass didnt remember from reading up on end game crisis, was that The Unbidden have a much higher chance to show up, if that same trigger happened.

2 years later….

The Mighty Unity Legions are close to reaching the half way mark of being completed.

Incoming Tansmission

cue the window that heralds the coming of The Unbidden

"Oh cool! My first End Game Crisis! Ima mop the floor with them! Haha fuck these stupid invaders. This is my galaxy bitch!"

<insert Morgam Freeman's voice here>


"He did not mop the floor with the invaders. Infact, he was spanked again, and again, and again, and again……"

I did everything I could to stop them. I watched in terror as they consumed my 2 rivals, while bleeding into my space.

My rivals couldn't help…. I had soundly spanked them throughout the course of the game, they were broken…. LITERALLY! (They ended up breaking off into separate roach factions because bugs?)

So I tried my hardest. I pulled my fleets back to my core ring worlds, I spent every last alloy upgrading my bases, pulling out platforms and ion cannons, built as many ships as my ship yards could viably produce.

But…. it was in vain. The Unbidden consumed everything else, and sent wave, after wave, after wave of 60-70k fleets into my blockades. I held my own for years. Well past the 3k year mark. But I succumbed.

I couldn't produce enough ships to block out the darkness. I watched in horror, and helplessness as my beautifully admired empire, was consumed by the darkness…. never again to live.

Guys I'm not even mad. Sure I'm a little sad, cause I grew to love these scrappy little plants lol, but I put up one hell of a fight. So with a deep breath, here I go again. Down another rabbit hole 🙂

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