Machine Empire Rebalance

stellaris 6 - Machine Empire Rebalance

Okay, so, after trying to play a Machine Empire in 2.2, and really seeing that they are, well… comically unbalanced in a bad way, I figured it was time to do something about it.

So I did, and I present my first ever Stellaris mod!

Machine Empire Rebalance

So… what does it do? It takes the info of the only Dev Diary to bring up Machine Empires (#124), and matches up the statements to make them apply to the current game.

Machine Empires share some similarities with Hive Minds, but rather than being focused on rapid growth, their primary focus is efficient use of resources. Like the Hive Minds, they have their own version of housing district, the Nexus District, and their resource extraction districts also provide three jobs where normal empires get two, but in addition to this they also have substantial bonuses to finished goods production, with jobs such as the Fabricator being a more efficient and productive variant of the regular alloy-producing Metallurgist.

That is the quote from the Dev Diary. And none of that is represented in the game. At all. And so… now, it is.

What does my little mod do?

  • All Generator, Mining, and Agricultural districts for Machine Empires now have 3 jobs per instead of 2. (Same as Hive Empires)
  • The Machine Empire's jobs for Alloys has been improved from 3 Alloys per 6 Minerals, to 4 Allows per 6 Minerals. (All other empires are 3)
  • The Rogue Servitor's jobs for making Consumer Goods has been improved from 6 Goods per 6 Minerals to 8 Goods per 6 Minerals. (All other empires are 6)
  • The Machine Empire's jobs for Chemists (making Volatile Motes) went from 2 Motes per 10 Minerals, to 2.5 Moters per 10 Minerals. The same applies for the Translucer Job (Rare Crystals) and Gas Refiners (Exotic Gases). (All other empires are 2)
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So now, Machine Empires are good at being efficient with the planetary space they take, and while they may not expand as rapidly, what space they DO take, will be better than any other empire could make of it. It is only physically produced finished goods they get a bonus on. Nothing of the Mote Trapping, Crystal Mining, or Gas Harvesting, nor Science, Unity, Amenities, etc. A line had to be drawn somewhere, and I felt what I changed was the right spot.

I am toying with the idea of changing the Machine Empire Coordinator job from doing Society research to Engineering (or maybe 3 Society/Engineering each?), cause it just fits more thematically. Let me know thoughts on that one.

This is for the 2.2.3 Beta Branch. Cannot promise this will work on the live 2.2.2 release build.

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