Machine uprising is beyond broken at the moment…

stellaris 2 - Machine uprising is beyond broken at the moment...

So I just gave up on my latest Stellaris run. I was trying for 200 years of peace, had a bit of a rough start, so I figured I probably wouldn't make it, especially when the machine uprising tree started, but figured I'd at least stick it out to see if I could get a War in Heaven. Instead, in 2366, the machine rising starts.

The new machine empire gets half my planets and toasts my transport fleet. Since I don't generally have upgraded starbases in systems with colonies, there are a grand total of 4 pathetic fleets and 2 bastions I have to retake. I start rebuilding my armies (1 transport from each remaining planet), take 90 days to have armies again. Meanwhile, I split my federation fleet and drop a ton of carriers all over the machine uprising, by the time the armies build, the machine empire has 1 system that was out of reach of my jump drives. That system has 2 colonies, but is undefended. This is when the frustration starts.

I jump my transports in one each to all the primitive colonies which have no defensive armies, retake them, then jump them in groups to the other planets. Meanwhile, my fleets are on jump cooldown, so are incredibly slow; they start heading toward the last system. Just as they are entering hyperspace to take that last system, the AI gives up and surrenders. Does it give me the remaining system held by the AI? No. It creates a new empire, with basically no resources. No way am I accepting losing 2 of my best planets, so I change war policies to allow liberation wars (pacifist, so no aggressive wars). I figure that's fine, it was my system, I should have a claim on it already, I'll do a vassalize war, take both planets, and get the system back: nope, I don't have a claim on the system. I do get the vassal, so I can wait the 10 years and then integrate it… The AI will terribly mismanage the planets, but for 2 planets, I can deal with it.


Alright, I won, time to clean up the mess and wait for the War in Heaven (I missed killing the Great Khan in this, since I was busy with the AI uprising). And that's when the swearing starts. All the planets that switched to the AI are borked. They've had all the city districts purged. They've had all but a handful of building slots purged. That's a bit of a mess to clean up, but I have the resources to queue mass construction and call it good. Here's the real problem. The biological pops are mostly missing. Instead, on what was once one of my largest planets, there are 100 robot pops. These robot pops are not normal robot pops, they are gestalt pops, so I have no choice but to purge them. In the meantime, they are causing so much unrest that I get all manner of pause-the-game popups every 30 seconds or so.

Bottom line is it's not cool that the AI uprising gets to deconstruct everything on your planets instantly, and instantly purge all your population, especially since you can't insta-purge their population when you retake the planets.

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