Making some of the origins more interesting

stellaris 4 - Making some of the origins more interesting

Some of the origins are unfortunately a bit boring in my opinion. While they are generally pretty weak, the main focus of this is to make them a little bit more interesting, making them stronger is just an added bonus, so here's some ideas I had.

Life Seeded

This is the one exception to where I said I'm not focusing on making them stronger. This is just awful. Prosperous Unification is just better in everyway, the only reason you'd choose this is to challenge yourself, and there's Doomsday for that. If you want to do a one planet challenge, just choose Prosperous Unification and don't colonise. It doesn't even feel that special, you're just on a planet with some extra productivity and rare materials.

Here's what I'd add:

Gaia World habitability also provides +15% resources from jobs while on a Gaia World.

30% discount on terraforming, and can terraform to Gaia worlds once Climate Restoration is researched. Cannot choose the World Shaper Perk.

While your main species is likely stuck to one planet until you can create more gaia worlds, they'll get some extra production to help them reach that important technology. Once they reach that, you can go mad with terraforming. You can invite species from all over the galaxy to live on your perfect planets, or take them all for yourself to use that extra production, the choice is yours.


I never felt particularly… post-apocalyptic while playing this origin. You start and can kind of live on a tomb world, have some extra years to live, and that's about it. Not very exciting.

Here's what I'd add:

A species that can live on a nuclear wasteland should be able to live on any planet to an extent. I'd pop the Survivor traits tomb world habitability down to 50%, but add an all round 20% habitability to all planets. Cannot take either of the adaptable traits. I'd also like to make it a little more flavourful, something like needing less housing, amenities or consumer goods, since they've literally been living in post apocalyptic conditions.


Tomb World Adaptatian is a research option. It's too expensive to research straight away, but it makes sense it's something your people would be thinking about improving.

I think this would give the idea of a civilization that has fallen, similar to Remnants. Your people have adapted to their new life, and are used to harsh conditions. While it will never be the same and won't house any other species than you, you can try rebuild your homeworld.

Lost Colony

This one was such a disappointment. I don't want anything too spectacular, just SOMETHING to make it fun and unique.

Here's what I'd add:

First off, your parent empire really should get a relationship bonus towards you. Except under the most intense roleplay scenario, I would have to imagine any race would be quite friendly towards their own race, although possibly slightly suspicious too.

Secondly, just to add something interesting in, the ability to join back up with your old homeworld. It would likely be a questline that once completed would merge your empire into your parents, and you would then control them similar to the robot rebellion event and gain an empire wide happiness and unity boost for a little while. For the first year after doing this, reforming your goverment is completely free(I'm sure someone would find a way to break the entire game using this. That'd be fun to see). Gaining control of a Advanced AI empire would be quite powerful, so just to slightly counteract that(Although origins aren't supposed to be balanced), you start the game with 2 less pops and 1 less district them normal to simulate a species that isn't native to this planet, although the colonial spirit modifier increases resources from jobs by 25% instead of 15%.

This would add a unique focus to this origin aside from, oh, there's a powerful species out there that looks just like me. Wow.

I think starting the game with less would significantly hamper how good this origin would be, but it fits thematically and I think think it would be great fun to play through a game with it, serious or roleplay.

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