Maybe it’s time to adjust habitats slightly?

stellaris 1 - Maybe it's time to adjust habitats slightly?

So given there's now an origin that starts you on habitats, maybe they deserve another look, because right now their management seems rather more flat than planets.

The first thing (though it's kind of a nerf) it always seemed odd to me habitats can build as many special districts as they have space for. A 1 deposit planet is just as good as a 5 deposit planet, and, in fact, it's the most efficient (granted it's a minimal boost) to use the smallest mineral, research or energy deposit you can find. Meanwhile planets are limited in how many resource districts they have. it might bring a bit more variety and planning if the deposit size was actually the limit of the number of resource districts you can build on a habitat.

Speaking of deposits, it seems weird you harvest motes, crystals and gas with buildings, but other strategic resources are just collected as if the habitat is a mining station. I'd rather they added buildings for the other resource types, so that there's actually a benefit to putting down habitats on all strategics. Though removing mining districts from alloy habitats might be required to counterbalance the addition of alloy harvesting buildings.

As for buildings in general, especially now that we have an origin that eschews planets in favor of habitats, it seems odd we don't have higher level capital buildings. The highest level capital building at 80 pops is a bit of a stretch, but I think is doable with pops that take up less space and any buildings that provide housing for their pops, but even without Voidborn, 40 pops is a reachable number if you're focusing on habitation districts, so a Planetary Capital equivalent for habitats makes sense to have. I also know I'm not alone in wishing housing buildings could be used on habitats, though maybe equivalent, but not equal buildings would be required instead of letting us build the same Luxury Residences in space (and personally, I like housing buildings for the cheap amenities as much as the actual housing)


It also seems a bit odd to me there's no upgraded hydroponic farms that give 5 and 8 workers, though I am undecided if that ends up too much food opening too many other building slots.

edit: Also given Void Dwellers will be making food in space for the start at least (maybe forever if you're spiritualist xenophobes) Habitats should also have an Agricultural Station designation for food bonuses.

As to the Origin itself. It's pretty annoying to have research that increases city district housing appearing when you don't actually HAVE any planets to put city districts on. I'm not saying they shouldn't be available, but actually colonizing a planet should be a prerequisite much like how you only get blocker removal tech when you have that blocker to remove.

Similarly there's a few traditions that affect city districts that do nothing for habitat dwellers, that deserve a look at.


  • Limit habitat resource districts to deposit size
  • add collection buildings for all resources that can spawn on a planet instead of treating the habitats as glorified mining stations.
  • Planetary Capitals for Habitats
  • Maybe let habitats have housing buildings
  • Agricultural Station designation
  • Don't give city district housing tech to empires without city districts.

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